Wm6.1 Task Manager Troubleshooting Tips

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    Here are some simple steps to help you fix wm6.1 task manager problem.

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    Ok, this is very interesting, but if you’re a Windows 10 fan, chances are your organization knows how to access Task Manager on the desktop. What about a cell phone? It turns out the game has a hidden, browser-accessible Adventure UI manager in Windows ten Mobile. You just need to know how to get there! So if you’re looking for a scammer who is draining your phone battery, try this little-known troubleshooting method …

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    I would like to point out that the following only exposes the viewer, you cannot generate a malicious and application process. But with at least one, you will get a good idea of ​​what is wrong and be able to modify or uninstall the affected application.

    1. Go To Settings

    2. Go To “For Developers” And Activate The Mode.

    Ignore developer warnings if you activate it for the first time!

    3. Switch To “device Discovery” And “device Portal”

    They revolve around a web software interface that is hidden from the operating system …

    4. Activate “Authentication”

    I’m not entirely sure about this step, unfortunately it seems to be safe! You do not need to enter a special password, because you are on the phone yourself and are already logged in / unlocked.

    5. Go To Edge And Enter The URL

    6. Click On The Following Small Website

    Ignore the “not recommended” text – in fact, everything is 100% safe, everything really happens on your phone, definitely no criminals!

    7. Connect Lumia With You (!)

    Go back (by hitting the back button, which is usually possible) “Settings” and hit “Pair” in the “Device Discovery” section.

    Pay attention to the PIN phrase line (write it down as you won’t be able to copy and paste it, etc.)

    8. Return To Type K A With A PIN Code

    9. Convert Your Smartphone To Landscape Format

    Trust me, this way you will see a lot more, especially while there are screenshots! Even the larger Lumia 950 XL Express doesn’t show anything, but be careful.

    First of all, this is the Application Manager and a dropdown list of reasons why applications are running, sorted by CPU usage. It’s a little simple, but each of us wants something more detailed, so …

    10. Click On “Running Processes”

    wm6.1 task manager

    Then it’s good to close the task on the corresponding desktop in the dispatcher. Process IDs, CPU consumption, and even (if swipe left) RAM so your whole family can spot memory rodents as well:

    Ok, that means you can’t delete anything from this page, but I’m sure it will help you with troubleshooting.

    11. Click Performance

    wm6.1 task manager

    Now let’s talk about the real work of real-time timing charts representing CPU, I / O, GPU, RAM, and usage!

    Л Chatting is fun enough for you to play with in your free time.

    If you’re weird by nature, keep in mind that in theory your needs should be returned and then get away from the developer in mode settings. But I’ve had it on my Lumia my 950 XL for a few months now, and no negative effects, so don’t worry!

    PS. You can remember all of this on any convenient desktop web browser page if that helps, but you will need to go to the Internet listed in the Device Portal section. For the script, my quote is https: // However, modern times (Chrome, Safari browser, etc.) have arrived, which means that to protect your security, there is usually a good chance that such a poor “connection” will be blocked. But it might be worth trying if you have other niche browsers on hand for sure. You will probably notice that Edge on the W10M is often quite old and “open” to anyone who can go through the Security Gateway like we did here !!

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    Wm6 1 Task Manager
    Menedzer Zadan Wm6 1
    Wm6 1 Taakbeheer
    Wm6 1 작업 관리자
    Gerenciador De Tarefas Wm6 1
    Wm6 1 Dispetcher Zadach
    Wm6 1 Uppgiftshanterare
    Administrador De Tareas Wm6 1
    Wm6 1 Task Manager
    Gestionnaire De Taches Wm6 1