Win32 Configuration Timer Example Solutions

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    Here are a few simple steps that can help you fix an example win32 timer setting issue.

    This section shows you how to create and therefore destroy timers, as well as how to start a mouse preview capture timer at regular intervals. Timer

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  • Destroy the new timer
  • Using a capture timer for mouse input
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  • Create Timer

    The following script uses the SetTimer function to create two timers. The first time series is every 10 seconds, the real second is every 5 minutes.

    // Set up two timers. SetTimer(hwnd, // Suggest to the main window    IDT_TIMER1, // Timer ID    10000, // interval 10 second (TIMER PROC) ZERO); // no clock reminder SetTimer(hwnd, // Handling a very large window    IDT_TIMER2, // hourglass ID    300000, // five minute delay    (TIMERPROC) ZERO); // almost no timer callbacks

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    To currently process WM_TIMER messages generated by these emailsWith wm_timer, add a case for wm_timer, to describe the window procedure for the current hwnd parameter.

    WM_TIMER case:     Switch (wParam)             IDT_TIMER1 case:            // Handling the 10 second clock              returns 0;         IDT_TIMER2 slot:            // handle five minute timer            returns 0;     

    win32 set timer example

    An application can also create an unor minute, whose WM_TIMER campaigns are handled not by a traditional window procedure, but by a nice application-defined callback function, as in the code example below that creates a minute and uses a callback function calling MyTimerProc to process WM_TIMER timer messages.

    // Set the timer. SetTimer(hwnd, // capture the main window    IDT_TIMER3, // timer id 5000, // 5 second interval    (TIMERPROC)MyTimerProc); // Cook timer callback

    The calling convention for MyTimerProc should ultimately be based on the callback function TimerProc.

    win32 set timer example

    If your application creates a timer with no handle window, your application should monitor the message queue for WM_TIMER messages and sendput them in the appropriate window.

    HWND hwndTimer; // Handling the cooking timer message boxMSG message; // message structure     while (GetMessage(&msg, // phone message structure            NULL, // window handle to receive the message               8, // Minimum message to view               0)) // maximum message to check              // Send WM_TIMER to messages from defined procedure hwndTimer.        if (msg.message == WM_TIMER)                     msg.hwnd is equal to hwndTimer;                  TranslateMessage(&msg); matches // virtual key codes        DispatchMessage(&msg); // send message to window     

    Destroy Timer

    Applications should use the KillTimer function to kill timers that are no longer needed. The following example destroys the electronic timers identified by the constants IDT_TIMER1, IDT_TIMER2 and IDT_TIMER3.

    // Destroy electronic timers. IDT_TIMER1);(hwnd,killtimer(hwnd,killtimer IDT_TIMER2);(hwnd,kill timer IDT_TIMER3);

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