The Easiest Way To Troubleshoot A Whirlpool Duet F35 Washing Machine

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    Here are some simple ways that can help you solve your spa duo f35 drive problem. The standard error “F35” indicates a problem with the corresponding manufacturer of the water level pressure switch (button # 20). Clogging is possible only in the air dome or pressure hose (button # 21). Most likely the air dome is at the back of the tub on the left.

    How do I fix the F error on my Whirlpool washer?

    An F / dL error code would indicate a problem with the door grill. An error code is displayed if the door is not secured. The washing machine displays the corresponding error code after six attempts to lock the door. To correct the difference, inspect the door lock assembly for loose or ignored cables and other signs of wear.

    The F35 error code in the washing machine’s special spa indicates a problem with the water level pressure switch assembly. He is responsible for measuring the amount of water in the tank. It is located in the upper corner of the device as it operates under atmospheric pressure. The more the reservoir is filled, the higher the pressure per square inch.

    The level sensor signals the control unit that it is time to fill the water tank. In some cases, the tank is already full. The pressure switch regulates the amount of filtered water for each mode, depending on the number of programs that your spa must be running.

    Meaning: Signs Of Water Level Pressure Exchange Failure

    What does F35 on washer mean?

    Error code F35 indicates an analog pressure sensor error. An analog pressure sensor is a component that detects the water level in the washing machine tub. This error can usually be fixed, but it will reappear if theThe main control board detects a problem with the analog pressure sensor programming code.

    Before troubleshooting or replacing a sensor, check for symptoms:

    • The whirlpool sink uses too much or too little water, which is necessary for many washes.
    • The appliance does not completely drain the water.
    • Rinsing may not slaveotat. The spin mode does not work.
    • The temperature rise element starts working because the printer thinks that the tank is always full.
    • Error code F35 is shown in type on the display of the washing machine.

    Be careful! If customers are not able to repair the damage in time, the software may cause the heating element to burn out and create a fire risk.

    DIY Repair

    To clear the F35 error, unplug the spa washer for a few minutes and for 10–20 minutes. Look at the display: does their DTC show up again? If this also does not help and error F35 repeats, repair work must be allowed.

    Check And Repair Sensor

    To access the water level request switch, follow these steps:

    1. Isolate the entire washing machine from the mains and mains.
    2. Remove the entire top cover from the device.
    3. Remove the special screws holding water from the level switch.
    4. Remove the clamp and disconnect the hose.
    5. Before taking off zaglush, take a picture of their position (perhaps this will help you to set them correctly later).
    6. Disconnect the wires.
    7. Inspect and clean the water pressure switch hose assembly.

    After removing the part, inspect it. Install a short hose and connect it to build up pressure. The functional water level pressure switch clicks here one to three times.

    Use a new multimeter for additional tests. Configure elements to approach resistance measurement and connect probes to ensure contact. Blow into the tube. The closure of the contact, fixed by the tester, means that the entire device is in order. Fit the awesome new sensor to the back of your breadboard.

    Connections And Wiring

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    What could a wiring malfunction mean? He can inform you that the electronic module is not subscribed to the signal from the print center (and vice versa). Therefore, cleaning does not start.

    whirlpool duet washer troubleshooting f35

    Check the tightness and combination between the unit and the water level pressure switch. If you find broken cables, replace them.

    Control Module

    The element breaks down less often, but the probability of breakage remains. Due to sudden jumps from moisture ingress, the elements of the printed circuit board fail and burn out. You can restore the break by soldering new fittings and smoothing out the traces.

    • Disconnect the individual whirlpool washer and remove the specific top cap.
    • Remove the most important connections to the device.
    • Detach the cover from the module locks and release it.
    • Disable persistent connections.
    • Remove the screw on the back of the product.
    • Usually the module is moved and removed.
    • Follow the same steps to install a new device.

    You can now set up your spa washing machine, process it, and check if it is working properly. In general, if the system no longer displays the major error code F35, it means that your claims were successful in resolving the problem.

    whirlpool duet washer troubleshooting f35

    We are reviewing the error recorded in our logs for further investigation. Thanks !

    Why is my Whirlpool washer flashing F?

    For example, the F error system occurs in exceptional cases, because the washing machine does not work for everyone. This means that there are no situations, no modes, no starts. After viewing it, no related programs are launched.

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