Fix And Fix Veritas Error 25

This article was written to help you if you get a Veritas error 25.

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    Status error 15 is the result of either a TCP SYN request sent by the NetBackup server to the customer that has not been acknowledged, or the server is still not resolved and the TCP SYN request has not been sent.


    STATUS 25: Code backup job fails with status 24 “Unable to connect to socket.”

    Error Message

    Error connecting to oprd
    No connection to VMD (70)
    Network protocol error (39)
    Unable to connect via socket


    Backup jobs are failing with status twenty-six “Unable to connect to socket.” Connection errors also appear when you click the Toys button in the Admin Console.

    Can not connect on socket?

    Forgetting (unable to connect to socket) occurs when you try to communicate from the client to the main server. BPCD protocols have been verified, so check the client software connectivity as a master as well, which does not happen. Detected that the Windows Firewall service is running on the server. This issue has now been resolved by bypassing the firewall.

    If you just click on “Devices” in the console, you will see an error right after:

    When trying to access media in the console, you may receive the following error:



    Log files should containLearn more about these connection errors. This group was watched for symptoms of an issue where the default port ranges were constantly changed on the host for each media to have much stricter settings for the server, resulting in the lack of Veritas NetBackup ™ ports on the market. …

    For example, setting “Server Port Is window” for 1025 will help you 5000. If the note in this port window changes from 1025 to 1125, this type of problem may be detected. Take a look at someone’s port range settings in NetBackup and become a server and media expert, starting with all master servers.

    1. Start the NetBackup Administration Console and add the master server.
    2. Expand host properties in the left pane and click Master Server or Media Server.
    3. Double-click this real name of the desired internet hosting server in the right pane.
    4. In the main server properties window, click Port Ranges and display all the settings in the ports panel.

    veritas error 25

    In fig. 1 shows the default port settings as seen on the core server.

    How do I check my NetBackup client Connectivity?

    Run the bptestbpcd -client xxxx statement (where xxxx can be the client’s name) to test the client connection.

    13: 10: 27.432 [14832.14532] <16> emmlib_initializeEx: (-) An error resolving the link to the EMM server indicates that the EMM could not be initialized as a PBX component


    Can not connect on socket 25?

    Status code 25 refers to a process that has timed out, even though it is attaching to another processsu to perform a specific operation. This issue can occur in any of the following situations: After the process tries to connect, the NetBackup Query Daemon (bprd) can help you, as well as the Database Manager Daemon (bpdbm), and often the daemon will not start.

    How do I restart PBX on Windows?

    Right click on “My Computer” and select “Manage” to get the Computer Management Tool.To see a list of services, select Services below the level under Services and Applications.Scroll down to the list of services to see Veritas Private Branch Exchange.

    If the server’s port ranges have been limited, change the logging range settings to a more flexible range, or click the Default button to restore NetBackup to the default port configuration. Click on OK. You might need to stop and organize all NetBackup services on the server for the changes to take effect.

    For more information on configuring NetBackup Port Selection options, see the Veritas NetBackup ™ Administrator’s Guide, Volume I.

    veritas error 25

    Note. When changing port range settings for some NetBackup servers, ensure that firewalls facilitate communication over the ports that were historically intended for NetBackup use. If port ranges are increased in NetBackup but the network configuration does not allow plug-ins to be used, errors continue to occur.

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    03: 55: 58.955 [3028.3024] <16> ConnectToServerInterface: when the connection to the desired interface fails face in Job Manager
    03: 55: 58.955 [3028.3024] <16> initializeJmComm: RequestMultipleResources: server connection to server interface at [server name] fails [25] < / p>

    19: 30: 08.686 [11696.11652] <16> emmlib_initializeEx: (-) Error resolving emm instructions from server
    19: 30: 13.686 [11696.11652] <16> db_getSTUNIT: (-) Translation of EMM_ERROR_CorbaResolve (3000005) link from 25 to NetBackup structure
    19: 30: 13.686 [11696.11652] <16> db_getSTUNIT: Error (25) while initializing the EMM interface.

    19:30 pm.: 13.749 [11696.11652] <2> db_error_add_to_file: dberrorq.c: midnite = 1132898400
    19:30: 13.749 [11696.11652] <16> setup_twin_parameters : db_getSTUNITlist () failed: connection to socket (25) could not be made, could not start with copy1


    Detailed Troubleshooting Guide for Exit Status Code 25 on NetBackup Server ™


    This error occurs when a NetBackup process times out while trying to connect to another Netbackup process. State 25 can occur when a specific NetBackup process tries to access the NetBackup Query daemon (bprd) and for the NetBackup Database Manager daemon (bpdbm) relativeRegarding the main server, and experts say the daemon is not working. Also, in many cases, this error can appear when the network or even the server has a website with slow response times or issues that can determine which machines are involved in addition to the error. For example, if the problem is still affecting the same media client or server, this is a place to focus your efforts. Once you have identified the point of failure, you can perform additional troubleshooting to determine the specific cause. The most common causes are described in this document.

    This article was written for Netbackup 5.0, but the troubleshooting steps are still applicable.

    it The editorial article includes an appendix with detailed troubleshooting instructions.

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