Best Way To Fix Ufs-box Authentication Error 52

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    You may receive an authentication error message ufs-box 52. It turns out that there are several ways to solve this problem, and we’ll talk about that next.

    February 16, 2009 9:26 AM

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    New UFS Microbox Authentication Error: 52

    Bought a new Ufs-Mikrobox … Installed 2.0.8 Change client … Site maintained Good … then Suite (ufs HWK_Setup_Suite_v02.08.000.exe) downloaded from the site and …. after .install .site .beneath .ok … all direction indicators work fine except Nokia (DctxBB5) … try when after connecting “Auth Error: 52” ……. contact your personal dealer … did it with xxxxx .fbi .. I once had the same problem … which is usually the problem ..

    I installed Framework XP 5 times and implemented the above procedure … imp: Simply put, I have never used repair tools or third-party software .. experts … other staff … please help


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    I am showing purchased new Micro ufs field … update client 2.0.8 installed … supported site Ok … then package downloaded (ufs HWK_Setup_Suite_v02.08.000.exe) from site above installed. … after .install .site .supporting .ok … many flashers work fine except when Nokia (DctxBB5) tried … when I login Authentication error: 52 “… contact my reseller sales channel .. he did it by having xxxxx.fbi

    I’ve formatted and installed Vista 5 times … and followed the procedure … imp: I’ve never used any third party recovery tools or alternative software … experts … moderators. .. please helpGo with

    The following user thanks gsm_jeevan for this helpful contribution:

    Fix authentication error 20 UFS 3 Twister Tornado and HWK Box

    PLEASE DO NOT DO this unless your company RECEIVES ERRORS FROM UFS or possibly “Box 20 Authentication Error”

    To repair HWK Twister Tornado UFS 3 do all of the following

    4. HWK Upgrade Client displays a warning “Are you sure you are upgrading the firmware. Registration data will be lost in the window “

    ufs box auth error 52

    6. Now the req.fbi generator window opens, select the file by type and just click “UFS * fbi Firmware Files” and find an empty Req.fbi file on your computer. If your company does not have an FBI requirements file, you can get one online

    7. Now define fbi in req.file and wait a few seconds. The HWK update client monosodium glutamate file now displays “generated request: xxxxx. (Where req xxxxx is the serial number of your box, of course, not for example 5688896.req)

    Now on Go to xxxxx.req in Program Files> SarasSoft> UFS> Upgrade Client and> select a copy of xxxx.req and this file that is related to my document. Now “Twister open Activater v2.67 Tool” if you didn’t buy it online or buy from the website.

    8.Now click REQ – FBI and select the xxxx.req directory via HWK update client created using program files> SarasSoft> UFS> Update client> and just click xxxx.req, now the file is ready after saving to program files> SarasSoft> UFS> Client-Upgrade> named xxxxxxx.fbi (xxxxxxx is usually serial number 877709809 like.fbi)

    9. Now open the HWK update client again, wait a few seconds for the egg-Box to start

    ufs box auth error 52

    then select Upgrade UFS Firmware and ignore the warning, press YES, select file types and select UFS firmware files * fbi select your fbi xxxxx. Created by simply clicking ‘Twister Activator v2.67 Tool /’ ‘in Program Files> SarasSoft> UFS Update> Client> and select xxxxxx.fbi and now HWK update client now shows MSG’ BOX_Key updated ‘, when you refuse, run UFS_DCTxBB5 and click on “Connect”

    and wait a few seconds if UFS Boot and now ”- Boot а UFSx: UFxBoot V2.2 (c) SarasSoft 2003.
    – UFSx firmware. : UFS_USB V2.8 (c) SarasSoft 2007.
    – UFSx S / N 45439
    -: Functions: 0000001
    – License Four: True

    UFS “Mailbox Authentication Error 20” is currently being fixed. Use your UFS 3 Twister Tornado and HWK Box

    Download this software now and say goodbye to your computer problems.

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