Troubleshoot And Fix The TCP / IP Responder Program With An Error

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    In this user guide, we will learn about some of the possible causes that can cause the TCP / IP response program to fail, and then provide possible recovery methods that you can try to fix the problem.

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    You are having trouble connecting a WebSphere MQ member to the MQ server and failing to which you cannot connect, which is equivalent to an MQ queue manager.The first thing you needunderstand this is that two machines can communicate, so using the Telnet tool is a special way to achieve this.


    Problems receiving a message that the manager was not found or is not available. Connection error.
    Example: AMQ9213, AMQ9524, AMQ9202 AMQ9508 or just MQRC = 2059 0x0000080b MQRC_Q_MGR_NOT_AVAILABLE. Please note that this is by no means an exhaustive list of errors associated with this type of disease, but just an example of the most common campaigns and error codes that can occur.


    One of the possible reasons is that two machines cannot exchange data.

    • The MQ client may have incorrectly assigned an IP address or hostname.
    • The number may not be correct.
    • The line handler does not start all required hosts.
    • The queue manager may well be running, but the corresponding group is not running on a specific port.
    • There may be a third party application (such as a firewall or, alternatively, an anti-malware service)Threats), which prevents you from entering and / or exiting both machines.


    Some clients or servers (usually remote ones) need to connect to the MQ server. They are typically located on two separate machines communicating over TCP / IP.

    Define The Problem

    Note. If you test the method here on an MQ server, our dispatcher queue will show its error log and FDC statement if there is an error, because the data coming in via communication is not MQ formatted data. More information can be found in the following technical note:

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    Example of errors in the squad manager error log:

    AMQ9207: Data received from hold “x (” is invalid.
    Incorrect explanation: Format of data received from internet host ‘x (’ over TCP / IP. It is also possible that an unknown host is definitely trying to send data. An FFST file was created containing invalid data received.
    Explainer Exercise: System Administrator.

    AMQ9492: The TCP / IP responder program encountered an error.
    Explanation: -The responder program was started but encountered another error.
    ACTION: Check old error messages in the documentation to determine the error that occurred while executing the responder program.

    3) Optional MQ connectivity test.
    There is an additional MQ demo that you can run. Sample amqscnxc login program that includes
    MQ samples. To do this, the person must have a sample of the MQ element installed. The source system of the utility is also provided with examples.

    The following test will establish a connection that the queue manager can respond to and cause the connection / or failure:

    amqscnxc -x (1415) -c EXCONN MIKE

      An example of launching AMQSCNXC; connection to the queue of the forex broker MIKE; connection name (1415); dialog with the MIKE queue is set

      Review facts and strategies for sample programs in sorted product documentation for:
      WebSphere MQ 7.5.0> WebSphere MQ > RazraRunning Production Applications> WebSphere MQ Sample Programs> Sample Programs (Non-z / OS Platforms)

    the tcp/ip responder program encountered an error

    With the powerful telnet tool, you can determine if a TCP / IP connection problem can be attributed to a real network problem. The same agent is used for many services and also stops at TCP / IP.

    WINDOWS Note. Windows 7 detects that Telnet is not enabled by default.
    How to activate Telnet before Windows 7:
    Start -> Control Panel
    Programs and Features
    Activate or deactivate Windows features
    Check the box associated with the Telnet client
    Click OK

    1) Make sure your company has a queue manager and listener running on the MQ server. Note that there is a transmission listener listening on port 1414 by default.

    Telnet (“telnetting”) provides better translation when testing connectivity than “Ping”. Indeed, Telnet tests on a specific port, as opposed to ping tests, only concern that host. In addition, Telnet is very versatile in its connection methods and capabilities. Ping is like calling a phone number and tappingReceiving most of the ringtone on the other end. Telnet is like calling a mobile device where someone picks up the phone and then answers.

    Note. There are many other utilities that can be used to check if a port is available. Some of them are very handy (eg Jping, Putty); However, since most users have already installed Telnet on the client model, Telnet will be discussed in the next technical note as a real tool for testing connectivity.

    2) Run the telnet command.
    Most Telnet clients consider using the server’s IP address and slot number as two consecutive alternatives. Make a note of the IP address of your MQ server and the port number the crowd is listening to. Enter the following command:

    If no listener is running on the specified interface, you will receive a “Connection error” error, for example:
    telnet .com 1414
    connecting to … Failed to open connection with organizer, port 1414: connection failed

    If you see a completely blank sports slider window, you are signed in…
    Pressing CTRL-] closes Telnet so that the application is listening on the specified port and you can also access it.

    Resolve The Problem

    the tcp/ip responder program encountered an error

    This technical note is for basic connectivity testing only. For MQ marketing to work, you must first establish a basic network connection between this MQ client and the Teaching Device Server.

    If you do not want to connect to the MQ server, check with your network administrators to find out what may be blocking marketing communications. Look for firewalls for network threat protection services. They can be built into the operating system (such as basic firewalls) or possibly third party applications such as antivirus / threat protection software. They can usually be left for testing or properly designed to allow specific schedules and calls to landlines.

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