Tips For Troubleshooting Taylor Scale Error 7023 2

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    Recently, some of our readers reported to us that they encountered a taylor 7023 2 scale error. Each increment is a percentage of the maximum weight, so if the user weighs more than the maximum weight, the scale really cannot provide the weight. If the display shows “EE” or “Simple Error 2”, you have exceeded the maximum weight. weight. Discard the weight immediately, otherwise you risk permanent damage to the scale.

    I Got My Scale Back And My First Reading Of Extra Pounds Was Wrong. What Happened?

    taylor 7023 scale error 2

    The scale may need to remain initialized. This is necessary because the scale was moved during shipping. By initializing this scale, the props internally “reset” the scale to find the exact “zero”. How to directly initialize the scale:

    1. Place the section on a hard surface at the back.
    2. With just one foot, you put exactly as many pounds on the scale as needed to make zeros or dashes appear. As soon as you see zeros or dashes, stomp your foot.bye
    3. Wait, balance will help you
    4. Prepare for a specific weight on scale one.

    Or your guitar scale may be standing on an uneven floor or carpet. Necessarilyplace the scale on a very hard, level surface for incredibly accurate weighing.

    How Can I Program My Own Fat Scale?

    How do I fix error 2 on Taylor scale?

    Remove the battery from the main the balance on a very hard surface.Stand up bezel, freeze for a few seconds and step off the scale.Reinstall our battery. Youput it back on the appropriate groundlu.

    The easiest way to program your scale is to refer to the manual that came with your scale and follow the instructions. The procedure depends on the scale.

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    Usually the procedure is to press the power button or set it until the levels appear, then press the arrow tactic until you get to the height. After each entry, press the power setting, i.e. size, E, usually gender, athlete mode. Then it may beep and you have to press the arrow until up, you finally see 1 (that’s my save number). Touch the device and it will beep again. Instead, a scale is programmed.

    What does err mean on a Taylor scale?

    Step on the scale incorrectly and wait to reset before stepping on the scale if you get them “ERR2” which often means the device has been shaken or overloaded. Also, if families weigh more than the maximum pound capacity, they will receive this type of error message.

    A general .recovery .consecutively, .until .the .stored .phone .number .scrolls .up .. Then press just the power button or also onTurn off the beep. Then follow the graduated steps to get the facts. Weight first, then zeros, then fat percentage, and finally water percentage.

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