Troubleshooting Tips For Swing Debugging

Over the past few days, some users have encountered a known Swing debugging error message. This problem can occur for several reasons. Now let’s discuss some of them.

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    Debugging is the complex routine process of finding and fixing glitches, bugs, or anomalies in television programs. This is a must for any Java developer because it helps you find subtle bugs that weren’t caught by code review or are only found when one condition is met.

    Here we could describe Swing debugging as debugging a Swing application with a UI debugger. This product can be very useful for debugging Swing related applications.

    SwingInspector is home debugging and simultaneous Java Swing/AWT and Firebug UI tools, features and functionality, powerful debugging feature, and Swing/AWT UI slicing feature.


    when the JFrame is displayed press CTRL+SHIFT+F1 and check out the console An output that allows you to see the tree-like hierarchy of components and therefore layouts.

    This section mentions some debugging tips specific to Swing and provides illustrative examples of the most likely problems and workarounds. The following articles describe Swing issues and troubleshooting methods:

  • Notright flow

  • Child JComponent overlaps

  • Show update

  • Model change

  • Add or remove components

  • Override opacity

  • How to debug Swing UI?

    To use the Swing UI Debugger, click on the RunnerFrame file in that browser and choose UI Debugger from the Debugger menu. Now click on the login button for the respective app. The login dialog will appear. At this point, place one of the fixed camera emblems on the windshield of the UI tree or on the UI outline window.

    Constant changes and graphics

  • Individual ink and double embossing

  • How to inspect Swing application?

    For example, in web applications using Tomcat Eclipse, we can right-click on the side of the page and check that it’s done (using Firebug for example) and people all over the world can see the element id, classes, etc.

    Opaque content area

  • Call the render engine for each cell power

  • swing debug

    Possible leaks

  • Mix heavy and light ingredients

  • Use synthesizer

  • Watch the activity in the event chain

  • How do you debug a swing?

    Swingspector was a tool for viewing and debugging the user interface.Java Swing/AWT face, functions, and the like, such as Firebug, a powerful tool for testing and debugging the Swing/AWT user interface. Once your JFrame is visible, press CTRL+SHIFT+F1 and open console output to see the Wood component and layout hierarchy.

    Specify a default layout manager

  • A listener object was sent to the wrong component

  • Add component to content area

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    Drag and drop support for parents

  • one for the last component

  • JFileChooser issues with Windows shortcuts

  • 13.2.1 Wrong Flow

    Random exceptions and drawing are complexities. this is usually the result of misuse flow in Swing. All access to Swing components, unless otherwise specified in the javadoc, must be done from the point of view of dispatching event streams. This requires all models (TableModel, ListModel and others) attached to Swing components.

    The best way to check if Swing is being used correctly is to use a tool RepaintManager like the one created in Example 13-1.

    The public class CheckThreadViolationRepaintManager extends RepaintManager // It is recommended to pass the full exam the private boolean completeCheck is true; boolean consumer isCompleteCheck() refund return completed check; public void setCompleteCheck(boolean completeCheck) this.completeCheck means CompleteCheck; usually synchronized void addInvalidComponent(JComponent component) checkThreadViolations(component); Great. addinvalid component (component); public void addDirtyRegion(JComponent step, int x, int y, int h, intHOUR) checkThreadViolations(Component); super.addDirtyRegion(component, x, w, b, h); private deviation checkThreadViolations (JComponent c) like (!SwingUtilities.isEventDispatchThread() && (completeCheck

    13.2.2 JComponent Overlapping Children

    swing debug

    Another likely cause of rendering problems could be that you allow the child elements of most JComponent to overlap. In this situation, the parent must override isOptimizedDrawingEnabled which returns false. If you don’t intend to override isOptimizedDrawingEnabled, components may randomly appear on top of each other depending on the redraw that is called.

    13.2.3 Display Update

    Another source of rendering problems can arise if you call Repaint incorrectly when you need to update the display. Changing a new visible property on a Swing element, such as a font, results in a stunning redraw or revalidation. When buyers write a custom component, someone needs to call Repaint and possibly recheck if the display size or details have been updated. If you haven’t done so, the ad will only update the next time someone triggers a super redraw.

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