The Best Way To Remove The Launchpad In Windows 8.1

If your computer has a Start bar in Windows 8.1, we hope this guide will help you fix it.

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    Press Win-Shift.Press Win-c to access the charms bar on the right side of the screen, then check the Start icon.

    start bar in windows 8.1

    Hello, my name is Joao Botto. I have been and have been working with the Windows client operating system for the past four years. I worked in Europe when Windows 7 was launched and then moved to the US to show the results of Windows 8 and 8.1. So this might be a special day for people – this is my first post on AskPFEplat and this is Windows 8.1 GA (

    I’ve maintained multiple deployments of Windows 8 over the past year and have seen firsthand that changes to the exact Windows 8 start/menu button made some users uncomfortable at first. When it comes to products, like everything else, the evolution of IT is inevitable and we as humans are fully adaptable.

    Windows 8.1 brings back the Start button, but not the familiar Start menu. In this article, Mike Hildebrand and I will walk you through some solutions that can help traditional mouse and keyboard users (like us) get a better user experience from the Windows 8 operating

    First, we’ll show you how to reconfigure the launcher “experience” in two different “flavors”, and then we can discuss how to deploy/customize the launcher across all your environment settings.

    With these tweaks, we really show you how to customize the interface, which is often similar in function to the classic Windows 7 Start button/menu. After you get used to each change, we expect you to feel a little more efficient with a nicely rich and more scalable 8.1 home screen.

    Users typically install almost every application throughout the lifecycle of a newest PC. The result of this situation was often the Start menu, which, according to experts, occupied several rows of “folders”. Mouse navigation becomes very difficult for users as more and more applications are installed. Also, our most common app icon was actually a “folder” which made it look somewhat static visually and the customization seemed limited.because they were all lined up correctly. The home screen helps to create tiles of different colors, sizes or icons and allows us to organize these types in a “space”.

    The first See You skin is what we associate with the All Apps view.

    The first step is to switch from the default home screen to the application view. This is achieved in most “Taskbar and Navigation Properties”

  • Right-click on the taskbar and select Properties, then select the Navigation tab.
  • “Automatically show all app views on startup”
  • Instead of the main screen, now when we log in we see a specific screen of all installed applications:

    Maybe we can choose the sort order for apps…

    Here we decided to show recently used files first. This will make Windows 7 more preferable.

    When I scroll the desktop to the Home screen in Windows 8.0, it’s a dramatic visual “switch” to another completely different screen.

    In version 8.1, I havemore possibilities. We can also set up the Startscreen.Tiles filter to overlay the desktop wallpaper and display person options on a separate screen.

    If this fact is activated when we go to the main screen, there will be much less visual flashes/changes.

    To do this, select: “Show my desktop with startup awareness” in

    For an alternate page element layout where we group a specific position (or sets) of applications, in most cases the following settings are chosen…

    Now you can pin whatever you want to your home screen. You can change the order, group size, and storage location of the tiles. You can always right-click on the home screen background, select Customize and name our app groups…

  • It’s not so easy on the start screen, I’ve pinned the main job options and some minor tools and drawings that are usually found in the Windows 7 start menu, and adapted the thumbnails to be able to effectively display the results:< /p>

  • My documents
  • Multiple administration tools/console (Hyper-V, RDP – you can find a good creative RDP for modern applications in the store)
  • Control Panel
  • Windows Update
  • Devices with printers
  • Again, minimizing everything from the desktop to the home screen and back again creates a smooth functional transition between multiple…

    In line with our final chosen theme, if you prefer, you can choose to launch or log in directly to the actual desktop instead of a splash screen

    Some people prefer to start from the home screen and begin with thumbnails, others prefer to go straight to the desktop. We users still allow ourselves some flexibility.

    As with most Windows configurations, we can use Group Policy and/or Group Policy Preferences to manage operating system configurations. Windows 8/8.1 is slightly different.

    start bar in windows 8.1

    Here is a directive to display the application view instead of the splash screen (this can be combined with a lo either directly or through domain-based GPOs):

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    However, displaying wallpapers on the home screen is a per-user choice and is also not available through GPO.

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