Steps To Resolve Memory Card Error On Sony Multifunctional DVD Recorders

Here are a few simple ways that can help fix the Sony Multifunctional DVD Recorder memory card error problem.

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    If you experience these symptoms, see below:

    Error: REINSERT MEMORY CARD is displayed on the LCD screen.
    Error: Displayed map NO MEMORY may match the description on the LCD.
    Error: LCD displays MEMORY CARD ERROR.
    Error: C:13:xx ERROR is displayed on LCD.

    • Make sure the style and memory size are supported by the camera.
      If you insert a memory card that is not normally supported by the camera, you may receive a phone error message.

      NOTE. Support DetailsPlease refer to the full manual for the different types of memory cards.

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      Check that, unfortunately, the card’s memory is not handled incorrectly or warped. guide
      The procedure for inserting a memory card varies depending on the type of memory card. If a term is used incorrectly in the astro arc or angle, the camcorder will not be able to recognize it correctly.
      Insert it straight in the right direction where it clicks. Press the center part that connects to the visible edge of the memory exactly on the card to insert it straight.

      WARNING. There is a software risk issue. If the memory card is inserted skewed, it may not be removable.

    sony multi function dvd recorder memory card error

    Sample created by inserting a memory card.



    [A] If you and your family are using a microSD card, insert the memory card with the side bracket printed on it until it clicks into place.
    [B] If you are using a Memory Stick Micro, insert it with the death side facing up until the information technology kicks in.

    NOTE. Detailed information on which namesHow to insert a memory card, see the user manual.

  • Make sure your device memory card is clean.
    If the memory card slot at the airport is not flushed, the connection may become loose and the camcorder may also not detect the memory card correctly. Wipe all slots with a clean, dry cloth or cotton swab, then reinsert the main memory card.
  • WARNING! There is software that poses a threat of corruption. Never touch the main connector or allow it to come into contact with metal objects.

  • Check the lock that the memory card was removed from.
    This issue can rarely be caused by the lock tab associated with the memory card. Remove the memory card from the camera and temporarily move the market lock tab to the locked position. Then return it to its unlocked position.
  • [A] Lock Tab

  • Check for problems with your memory card.

  • Step away from the camera andRemove and insert a new memory card several times. Then apply the camera to see if the issue is resolved.
  • If you have multiple memory cards, check if the other card is recognized correctly.
  • If another memory card is detected:
    There is a literal risk of data corruption on the most important memory card.Insert a memory card into a computer to back up data. Then the memory card is usually formatted using the camera.

    WARNING! There is a risk of losing computer files. Formatting permanently deletes data files from the media and makes them difficult to recover.

    sony multi function dvd recorder memory card error

    If multiple memory cards are not recognized:
    If the problem is still not resolved, the product can be repaired.

  • To learn about the errors of other thoughts, check the following. MEDIA,
  • If you see a series of dashes (——–), RCVER, and/or while using your camcorder, please read the FAQ below.
    Error: LCD displays MEDIA or dash line (—-), RCVER.
  • INSERT MEMORY CARD. When creating a micro SD card using thePlease make sure the micro SD card is properly inserted when using the SD card adapter.
  • Error: REINSERT MEMORY CARD is displayed on the LCD screen.
    Error: NO MEMORY CARD is displayed directly on the LCD screen.
    Error: LCD displays MEMORY CARD ERROR.
    Error: C:13:xx ERROR is displayed all over the LCD.

  • Check the type as the capacity of the memory card can be supported by the camera.
    If a memory card that is not supported by the camera system is inserted, an error message may appear.

    NOTE. See the user manual for details on supported memory cards.

  • Make sure the memory card is not inserted incorrectly or at the correct angle. Rguide
    Installing a hard disk card depends on the type of memory card. If it is definitely inserted incorrectly, or perhaps even at an angle, the camcorder may detect it in the correct position.
    Just push it in the right way until it pops out. Press in the middle of the visible edge of the memory card to insert the prepaid card straight.

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