Steps To Fix Site To Create App Not Found

You may encounter an error that the website to create the app was not found. Coincidentally, there are several ways to solve this problem, so we will talk about them shortly.

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    site not found for create application

    I’m trying to install with a scripted process. This creates an application subdirectory of the default virtual website in IIS.I created this script. This alternative script is correct, I missed something.

    cd C:UsersAdministratorDesktopmsiexec /qb /i ZFPSetup.Msi installlocation="c:program files (x86)Application" Targetvdir="zfp" wixui_exitdialogOptionalcheckbox=1 /l*v "C:log./create txt"iisvdir ZFP Default website C:Program Files (x86)ApplicationZFPcall "C:Programs (x86)ApplicationStartKaraf.bat" Replication error

    site not found for create application

    MSI(s) (28:D0) Invoke [04:25:58:897] A: Custom action removed. DLL: C:WindowsInstallerMSIF886.tmp, Entry: Point WriteIIS7ConfigChangesWriteIIS7ConfigChanges: 0x80070002: Unknown error site for applicationWriteIIS7ConfigChanges: Generating 0x80070002: Error Failed to configure the IIS application.WriteIIS7ConfigChanges: WriteIIS7ConfigChanges error 0x80070002: Failed.CustomAction WriteIIS7ConfigChanges arrived with actual error code 1603 (note that this may not be 100% accurate, assuming the translation was sandboxed)

    Lavoie, Sylvain Sito Non Trovato Per Creare Applicazione
    Website Zum Erstellen Der Anwendung Nicht Gefunden
    Sitio No Encontrado Para Crear Aplicacion
    Sajt Ne Najden Dlya Sozdaniya Prilozheniya
    Site Nao Encontrado Para Criar Aplicativo
    Site Niet Gevonden Om Applicatie Te Maken
    Webbplatsen Hittades Inte For Att Skapa Applikation
    애플리케이션 생성을 위한 사이트를 찾을 수 없습니다
    Site Introuvable Pour Creer Une Application
    Nie Znaleziono Strony Do Tworzenia Aplikacji