How To Fix Problems With Seagate 500 GB External Hard Drive?

Recently, some of our readers encountered an error code while troubleshooting Seagate 500 GB External Hard Drives. This problem occurs for several reasons. We will review them now.

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    Is your Seagate external hard drive not working? This page features comprehensive innovations for recovering external hard drives from Seagate and others that are not interoperable, not recognized, or displaying all data errors together.A

  • Try multiple USB ports on a specific computer.
  • Switch to a new cable if the current one is damaged.
  • Try connecting part of the drive to another computer.
  • Check if the light reader is enabled. (All lit means the power has always been off.)
  • Try again. (Desktop Readers)
  • If after following these tips, your Seagate external hard drive is still not recognized, submit it and try the other options below.

    Before Recovery: Raw Data Outside his Seagate Drive

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    For some effective ways . Problems with an external hard drive will definitely result in loss of data such as the location of the hard drive. We strongly recommend that you fix and back up your data first because you are using a Seagate external hard drive.

    How do I fix a dead Seagate hard drive?

    Step 1: Download and install iBoysoft Data Recovery on your computer.Step 2: Connect the failed Seagate external hard drive to this computer.Step 3: Launch iBoysoft Data Recovery and select the failed Seagate external hard drive.

    In order to recover data from a non-working Seagate external hard drive, you need to use a powerful hard drive data recovery software for PC – EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, which will most likely recover external inaccessible, corrupted hard drive data, as well as RAW.

    Step 1.A. Use a fixed USB cable to connect a sophisticated external drive to your computer. Run the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and you will see your external hard drive under External Drives. This software supports all major brands of external hard drives, including WD, Seagate, LaCie, Toshiba, SanDisk, Samsung, etc.

    Step 2. Once the scan starts, the accurate software will find more lost and deleted data andwill show specific data in the scan results. The recovered data will be quite complete. You can quickly find address files/folders by file type or use the search box with a comparable file name.

    seagate 500gb external hard disk troubleshooting

    Step 3. You can preview clips found by EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard’s scanning algorithms. Then select the files and click “Recover”. To avoid overwriting your data, we recommend that you save your recovered data to a different drive than the new original Seagate drive.

    Mac users should download the Mac version to recover lost files. To recover Seagate external hard drive bandwidth on Mac, follow this link to recover data from external hard drive on Mac.

    How To Fix Seagate External Hard Drive Not Working In Windows

    Why is my Seagate external hard drive not working?

    Quick Tips to Eliminate Annoying Seagate External Hard Drives: Try a USB port on your computer. Switch to a new cable if the current cable is damaged. Try connecting the player to another system. Checkthose whether the drive light is on frequently.

    First check Disk Management and the level of your external hard drive. Then refer to the relevant solutions below.

    If your hard drive cannot be found in Device Manager or Disk Management, you need too Uninstall and update your hard drive and Seagate driver again. Here are the detailed tactics:

    seagate 500gb external hard disk troubleshooting

    Step 1: Add a non-working Seagate external hard drive to your PC.

    Step 2. Enter the device as a manager in the search field and simply click “Device Manager” in the menu.

    Step five. Expand Hard Drive Drivers and right click someone’s external hard drive, select Update driver.

    Step 4: Select the “Search automatically for updated software” driver and restart your computer when the process is complete.

    Fix A Couple. Format Your Raw Seagate External Hard Drive To NTFS.

    If Your Corporate External Hard Drive Shows Up As RAW Or Unallocated In Device Manager Or Disk Management On Your Computer, It Means You Need To Format Your Hard Drive.

    Step By Step. Connect Your Seagate External Hard Drive To Your Computer And Open Disk Management.

    Step 2. Right-click On The RAW Drive That Definitely Works And Select It With “Format”.

    Step 3. Set The Name Oma, NTFS As File System And Optionally Set “Quick Division Format”. Click OK To Start Formatting.

    Solution 3: Repair The Partition, Create A New Partition If Necessary On An Idle Seagate External Hard Drive

    If your painful external hard drive shows up as unallocated in Disk Management, you have two options: Individual. Restore partition, 2. Create a new partition. First

    You choose which partition recovery software you can use directly. It scans and restores all lost wall surfaces and data from our unallocated space.

    Select your lost hard drive or partition(s) and click “Analyze” to continue.

    Let the program scan the selected drive and find lost partitions.

    Double-click a partition marked as lost and recoverable.

    Why can’t I see my files on my Seagate external hard drive?

    Click Show. On the “View” tab, check “Show additional files, folders, and drives” and uncheck “Hide protected system documents” (recommended). Then check if our files/folders are distributed there. After that, you can output to an external Seagate hard drive and see if the files appear there.

    Preview any of our content when account is lost. Click “OK” and then click “Continue” to start the recovery.Removing a lost section.

    How do I fix an undetected Seagate external hard drive?

    Very often, problems such as the right Seagate external hard drive flashing but not being recognized can be fixed simply by restarting the device. To do this, disconnect the third-party hard drive from the computer. Now turn off your PC for at least 1 minute. Then reconnect the external hard drive and turn on the computer.

    Step 4. Click “Recover Now” to complete the financial recovery partition process.

    Note. If the program warns you that there is a problem, carefully back up your important data partition to an external drive first. Then run the completed process to restore the isolated partition.

    Note. This method may result in data corruption. Don’t forget to restore the data first, so if you want to use our method.

    How to use Disk Management to create a partition:

    New Step 1. Connect an idle Seagate external hard drive to your PC and open Windows Disk Management.

    Step 2. Right click, select unallocated partition and “New Simple Volume…”.

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