Help Fix Route Command In Windows 2003 Error

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    If you have noticed the route command in Windows 2003, the guide below will help you. In computing, route is a command used to view and manipulate the IP routing table on Unix and Microsoft Windows operating systems, as well as on IBM OS/2 and ReactOS. Manual routing table methods are a feature of static routing.

    Applies to: Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008, Windows Ten, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2000, Windows Server Windows 2012, 8

    Viewing and not Setting up local IP routing table entries. Used without parameters, proximity indicators help. See Examples.

    for examples of how to use this command.


    route [/f] [/p] [ [] [mask ] [] [metric ]] [if ]]



    Purges the routing table completely of non-host entries (routes with netmask, loopback network route (routes with destination and all netmasks, or prospectus multicast ( routes with a destination between and a netmask of If this is used in accordance with one of the commands (eg add, change or delete), the bed will be removed before the command is executed on the treadmill.


    When used with the embed command, the specified route is added to the registry and is often used to initialize the IP routing table when running over TCP/IP. Routes are added by default.which will undoubtedly be preserved at the final launch of the TCP/IP protocol. When used with the log command, a list of persistent schemas is displayed. This option means to ignore all other commands. Persistent actions are stored in the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesTcpipParametersPersistentRoutes.

    Identifies the command you want to help execute. The following lists of actual commands:

    How can I see route in CMD?

    Open command line “Get”.Enter an impression of the route.Press Enter.View active channels by destination, netmask, gateway, cp and metric.Close Command Prompt to complete this action.

    add: adds a route.

    edit: edit the old route. Delete

    route command in windows 2003

    remove: route or sometimes routes.

    print: A prints the route(s).

    Indicates the specific route destination network. The destination can be a built-in round-trip IP address (with the host bits of the network address set to 0), an IP address for the actual route to the host, or for that default route.

    < /td>


    Specifies the target core of the route. Sometimes the destination can be a network IP address (with the host bits in the Internet connection address set to 0), an IP address for host prospect or for default route.

    Indicates the hop or next hop address at which the associated set of addresses can be reached, as determined by the network region and subnet mask. For locally connected subnet routes, the terminal address is the IP address beyond which the interface is grounded on the subnet. For remote routes accessible through one or more wireless routers, the gateway address is the always available IP address assigned to the neighboring router.


    How do I view a route in Windows?

    Click Start, select Run, type cmd in the Open box, and click OK. Type Strategy Print, then press ENTER to display the routing table. Note the specific interface number of the networking software you just added. Type route put to ensure that the new default route change is displayed in the routing field.

    Specifies an integer cost metric (in the range 1 to 9999) for the route to use when selecting from the printer routes in the routing table that best matches the coverage of the destination of the match packet being sent. It was possible to choose the route with the smallest metric. The Can metric reflects the number of hops, path speed, path reliability, tracking throughput, or control properties.


    Specifies the user indexoval interface for an interface that is typically used to achieve a goal. For various interfaces and equivalent interface indexes, use the mapping associated with the route print command. You can also use decimal or hex ethics for the index interface. For hexadecimal values, the hexadecimal number must be preceded by 0x. If the if parameter is actually omitted, the interface is determined solely by the gateway address. Help


    route command in windows 2003

    appears at a certain prompt.

  • High values ​​in the routing table statistics column can cause TCP/IP to automatically detect the street direction metric in the routing table, subnet mask, and default gateway for almost all LAN interfaces. Automatic detection of this interface metric, enabled Detects the speed of each interface, but adjusts the route metrics on each interface so that the fastest interface generates the routes with the lowest metric . To suppress large metrics, disable the automatic detection of TCP/IP protocol hint property interface metrics for each LAN connection.

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    Names can usually be used for the purpose, and if there is a suitable download available on local networks, organize it by storing it in the **systemrootSystem32Drivers**Etc folder. Names can be used for input if they can be resolved to an IP address at the end, from standard host name resolution methods such as Domain Name System (DNS) queries, using a folder manually located in the * *systemroot system32 drivers folder **etc followed by NetBIOS name resolution.

  • Where a command can be printed or deleted, the gateway parameter can be omitted, and wildcards are more likely to be used for the target and then for the gateway. The target value can remain a dummy value, indicated by an asterisk (*). If the specified destination contains an asterisk (*) or a large question mark (?), it will be selected as a wildcard and only routes that intriguingly match will be printed or cleared. Asteriskand any matches a character string, plus a question mark, any matches a time character. For example, 10.*.1, 192.168.*, 127.* through *224* are all valid uses for the asterisk wildcard.

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