Reinstall The Windows XP Recycle Bin Troubleshooter.

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    If you need to reinstall Windows XP on your computer, this guide should help. Trash can icon on your desktop, right-click the file you want to recover, and then click “Recover”. Empty the trash can simply by right-clicking the trash can icon on the current desktop and choosing “Empty Trash”.

    For users the shopping cart located at the Microsoft Windows desktop is an important aspect of this graphical user interface and overall system experience. However, due to some considerations that we will not cover here, it has been recognized that the Recycle Bin disappears from your Windows desktop. This strange behavior doesn’t really matter to Windows Vista users as it was fixed in Desktop Properties with just a few clicks.

    However, there is no easy way for Windows XP users to add the trash bin back to their desktop. You really need to edit the report in the Windows Registry. See this blog post How do I explain what needs to be changed to get the trash bin icon back on the desktop windows.

    reinstall recycle bin windows xp

    Note. The Windows registry is an important component of the performance system. A damaged Windows registry can prevent your computer from starting Windows. Backing up someone’s Windows Before registering, make any changes.

    Why is my Recycle Bin missing?

    Surely in the vast majority of lawsuits, the only thing missing from your desktop is the trash can icon. You would remove the icon at work or by mistake. Windows updates, which frequently change the configuration of Windows, can also cause the Recycle Bin to suddenly disappear from the desktop.

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    Run Regedit

    How do I reinstall Recycle Bin?

    Right click anywhere on this desktop.Select the Customize option.Switch to some of the Theme tabs and click on Desktop Star Settings under Related Settings.Make sure the checkbox next to Trash is checked and click Apply and OK.

    To launch Registry Editor in Windows XP, enter regedit in the dialog box, as shown in Figure A.

    Figure A

    < / h5>

    Enter regedit on the main Box execution.

    Click OK and you will open the actual Registry Editor as shown in Figure B.

    Figure B

    < / h5>

    Open Registry Editor.

    In Registry Editor, you can easily navigate to the entry as shown in Figure C:


    < / h5>

    Navigate to this entry if necessary.

    Right-click the NameSpace machine key as shown in Figure D, then go to New To | Button.

    Digit D

    < / h5>

    Right click to generate best new key.

    Enter the following line, relhovering to the new key (copy and paste, this will be your main bet):

    You should now have a new registry key similar to the one shown in Figure E.

    Digit E

    < / h5>

    A new kernel has been created.

    Right-click the default entry in the panel to display a dialog box similar to the one shown in Figure F.

    Digit F

    < / h5>

    This will be the default.

    Change the text in the Value field to Trash and click OK. You must now combine the key with an entry similar to the one shown in particular in Figure G.

    Figure G

    < / h5>

    A new important standard message has been created.

    Then close Notepad, to verify that the registry changes were successful, restart your computer on your PC using the system restart method. When the Windows desktop restarts, you should have an active Recycle Bin.

    Other Optimizations And Hacks

    reinstall recycle bin windows xp

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    Lesson 9: Using the Trash


    By the end of this lesson, it is advisable to be able to:

    • Discuss the feature via Trash
    • Store files in Trash
    • Restore files from Trash
    • Empty Trash

    What Is This Trash Can?

    Sometimes files and folders can clutter up your computer. The Trash can, an icon on your desktop that looks like another trash can, is where you put a trusted file or folder when you want to delete it.

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    You can open your shopping cart at any time See what it contains by double-clicking the trash can icon on your desktop or even using Windows Explorer.

    Placing Files In The Basket

    To move an item from any desktop, Windows Explorer or workstation to the trash:

    • Click a file or file and drag it to the trash can.
    1. Right click on the statement or folder you really want to delete.
    2. When the Select pop-up menu appears, click Remove.
    3. A dialog box appears asking if customers want to make sure you send a file or folder to the entire trash via SMS.
    4. Click Yes.

    How to move a device to the trash outside Windows Explorer or My Computer:

    1. Click the document or folder you want to delete.
    2. The file or folder will become darker.
    3. Select Remove File (or Remove From Folder) from the Files and Folders task list.

    Recover Files From Trash

    If you place an item in the trash, you cannot later restore it from scratch. When you use the “Restore All Items” link (in mym recycle bin task list), all files and folders in its recycle bin will be moved to their new original location on your computer.

    almost all items in the cart:

    1. Click the Restore All Items In All Tasks Lists In Recycle Bin link.
    2. Items are indeed restored to their original location.

    To restore a file, click “Select File”.

    1. Restore all objects with changes Restore this object.
    2. Click Restore This Object.
    3. The jewel will be restored to its original place.

    Empty Trash

    Where is the Recycle Bin in Windows XP located?

    The Recycle Bin is a special set of folders located in a hidden folder or document (C: $ Recycle. Bin for modern Windows updates, C: recycler for Windows XP and earlier).

    Emptying the trash can permanently delete items. They cannot be returned from this perk. Empty your current trash regularly to keep your device running smoothly.

    To empty the trash:

    • In the recycle bin tasks list, click the Empty Recycle Bin link.


    • Open the shortcut for the shopping list. Created (you placed it on the monitor in the previous lesson).
    • Remove step by step by dragging and dropping it to trash.
    • Open the Trash and permanently remove the Softwarepurchases. Link to the list.
    • The revolutionary shopping list remains on this computer.

    Download this software now and say goodbye to your computer problems.

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