How To Repair RCA TV L32hd31r Troubleshooter?

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    Here are some easy ways that can help fix RCA TV l32hd31r troubleshooting problem.


    Most problems with your TV can be resolved with the troubleshooting list below.

    • Check your wall outlet (or power strip) to make sure it gets power often when plugging in another device.

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    • The controls on the side of the panel can be disabled (disabled). Use the remote control to unlock the side controls.

    • Click the lock button on each of our parental control menus and click OK to uncheck the box.

    There is never any picture or sound, but the TV is usually on.

    • You can tune in to an input without a component connected to it. When trying to view a connection

    • Indicates that the type parameter may be inappropriate. See page 15 for detailed instructions.

    — If you are watching your favorite VCR and it is connected to the ANTENNA/CABLE jack with a coaxial cable, tune in

    TV on channel 3 or 4 (depending on the selected channel, activate the 3/4 switch on the back of the VCR).

    Also make sure the TV/VCR button on the VCR is in the correct mode (press the TV/VCR button up

    • If you get some kind of black and white image from a component connected to your TV, you can do this

    Your video cables are connected to the wrong jacks. A straw yellow video cable is usually connected to the yellow cable.

    rca tv l32hd31r troubleshooting

    VIDEO INPUT connector on the back of the TV; three video cables or component video included

    Cables (red, blue and green) connect to very suitable COMPONENT INPUT sockets on the lumbar

    • Check the antenna’s Internet access. Make sure the cables are properly connected to the sockets.

    • Try adjusting the sharpening feature, which improves weak signals. Go to website 25 for more instructions.

    • The sound can simply be turned off. Try increasing this volume to reach the service tone.

    — If you are using DVI, S-Video or Y, PR, pb, don’t forget to also connect the left and right audio outputs of the recording device

    • Sound settings may not be correct.flax. See page 30 for more information.

    – If all your audio sources have only one jack or the audio track (mono) is broken, make sure

    is connected
    rca tv l32hd31r troubleshooting

    • Check connections. If you are using yellow, red and white wires when connecting, make sure they are

    Connecting to the yellow, red, and white VIDEO INPUT jacks on the side or back of the TV does not work

    • If you are trying to watch a video that is playing on a component connected to your TV (such as a DVD),

    Press the INPUT button repeatedly until you find the desired video input channel.

    • Of course, make sure the component connected to your TV is turned on.

    Lead|Custom HDTV Flat Panel LCD TVFor use with Creations: L32HD41/L32HD31RContentconnections6remote control 19Need support?Visit our website call 1-877-794-7977functions 20menu 25FAQ 3036 years warrantytable contentoneImportant informationCAUTIONRISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK.NOT OPEN WAYThis symbol indicates that this product has a dual purpose.Isolation between prevailing and user accessible dangerous voltagenumbers. In case of service use only new identical parts.Warning. To avoid electric shock, do not remove the cover (or back). There is no internal part of the device that can be serviced by the user. ReferService by qualified service personnel.This symbolic image indicates “dangerous voltage”.in a product that, according to experts, poses a hazardelectrical shock or injury.Displays instructions by iconaccompanied the goods.WARNINGWARNINGTo reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, follow these steps:do not expose to rain or moisture. itThe product must not be exposed to drops or water from the marketjet No object filled with liquid, e.g.Vases to apply to the component.The TV will shake and shake if it is installed incorrectly mounted on a base or, as a rule, on a wall. Please follow the groundassembly instructions or partitions ininstructions for your safety.This symbol indicates that this product contains mercury. Special disposal of this product for related reasonsmay be required under the laws applicable in your jurisdiction. For recycling at your fingertips or information, please contactYour main road authority or Electronic Industries Alliance: to the identification/classification label on the back of this product for current correct operation.FCC rules state that changes or modifications to this device have not been approved by the party responsible for compliance.may void the user’s right to perform well with the device.Cable TV installer: It is! ! provided to solve your problem with section 820-40 of the National Electrical Code (section 54Canadian elekCivil Code, Part 1), which contains recommendations for proper grounding and specifically states that the cableGrounding can be connected as close as possible to the building’s grounding function – cable entry point using practices.Important: This TV is a desktop model and is designed to be placed on a solid, level surface. Do not place the TV on soft rugs or carpets, etc.a similar finish, as the circulation slots at the bottom of the device can be blocked, shortening the service life due to overheating.To allow ventilation required by this product, leave a 4″ clearance from the entire top and side of the television and 2inches from the bottom of the TV and other surfacesAlso make sure the surface, or possibly the stand, is large and stable enough to prevent the TV from accidentally tipping over.expelled, more expelled. Doing so may result in serious injury and/or damage to the TV. See “Important” in the “Safety Information” section.on the next page.Power buttonThe power button (with the power icon) on the TV and the remote control allow the TV to operate with relatively low power consumption.Sleep mode, but the shutdown is not completely canceled. To turn off the device while traveling, you need to turn off the power supplysocket cord. Therefore, you must make sure that the TV is installed in such a way that it can be disconnected from the mains.cable optional.Product RegistrationPlease complete the product registration chip separately (package and return as soon as possible. US for customers: your RCAConsumer electronics products can also be registered at

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