Tips For Solving The Problem With Downloading Antivirus In The Ovi Store

In this blog post, we describe some of the possible reasons that might cause ovi Store Antivirus to be downloaded and then we present some possible workarounds for this issue.

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    BEIJING, May 26, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — NetQin mobile antivirus was launched in the Nokia Ovi Store a few weeks ago and received four out of five stars. From launch in your current Ovi Store to date, the app has seen a 700% increase in daily downloads along with one of the most popular mobile games, Angry Birds.NetQin Mobile Antivirus is currently available for Symbian, Windows Mobile and Android phones.netqin Mobile Antivirus for Android is also in the top 10 “popular apps” on

    Based on cloud security technology, NetQin Mobile Antivirus quickly and accurately protects mobile devices from malware-related viruses. NetQin Mobile Antivirus offers several user-selected features for mobile devices, including the following:

  • Antivirus. Using new original dual-core technology, NetQin Mobile Anti-Virus completely removes the latest viruses, trojans, and spyware paid malware.Core software, protecting both mobile devices and user privacy and property rights.
  • Backup/Restore Contacts. The backup account allows users to easily copy and restore contacts between completely different operating systems so that partners are never lost.
  • Real-time protection. Real-time protection detects all kinds of dangers in a timely manner, such as viruses, malicious links, Trojans; protects QQ, MSN, etc. accounts; secures mobile devices when sharing files, connecting to a network, and installing an application.
  • Anti-lost. Anti-lost and verification remote control keeps your mobile device protected, minimizing financial losses and leakage of confidential information.
  • NetQin services are currently used by 85.97 million users in more than 100 countries, regions and around the world using mobile various operating systems. Pmovable

    Netqin Antivirus is available for download at Ovi http://store and at the netqin website

    NetQin Mobile Inc. (NYSE:NQ), headquartered in Beijing, China, is the absolute leader in consumer-facing mobile Internet services with a focus on security and performance. NetQin has been one one of the first companies to recognize the growing home security threats targeting smartphone users and has recently become a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) service serving both Greater China and Customer Elements focused on customer support in three key areas: 1) Cellular Security, providing new mobile security services to protect users from the threats of mobile advertising theft of software, data and online privacy 2) mobile device performance, providing mobile manufacturing services to intelligently improve time and relationship management; 3) Sharp person cloud services at last , Beei personalized intelligent services for peoplewith limited features, such as “NQ Space”, usually available on various devices connected to the Internet, providing a superior user experience.

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    Users can still use a variety of gadgets these days, and smartphones are becoming more commonplace and store an incredible amount of personal and sensitive information. When can this data potentially be corrupted by malware or viruses? disappointment and shock. Here’s what you can do – install an antivirus program. We order from mobishield TrustMobi so you can check for these viruses 100% free

    It’s very simple. You update your databases once a week or use. Which scan starts with one touch, so you don’t have to worry about complexity. advice

    4 For MobiShield “Download: Antivirus From Ovi Store”

    1. I want the page to be correct

    2. ovi store antivirus download

      Go to the Ovi storeand upload.looking for

    3. I am an antivirus for my new nokia 6300

    4. You don’t need antivirus for nokia 6300. It will NOT be attacked by

    ovi store antivirus download

    The 6300 does not require Nokia antivirus. It will not be attacked by ANY virus.

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