Error Message Ora-00904 Invalid Identifier

What is missing expression error in SQL?

“Missing expression” usually means that when you try to modify a request, a specific part of the sentence that is important to its function has been conveyed in the text. Quite simply, overlooking an important part of what you were trying to do is run.

Error Ora-00904 means you are looking for one of the following SQL statements to do one of the following:

  1. The SQL statement contains an invalid column name.
  2. The SQL statement contains a column name that often does not exist currently.

This error occurs most often when querying a SELECT statement.

Why do I have Ora 00904 even when the column is present?

Oracle returns ORA-00904 when the logged in Internet user does not have the appropriate permissions on the objects involved in the request. This happened to me when I would sometimes define two entities with an identical persistent database table. The problematic column was present in one of the tables, and it was in the other.

To resolve this error, first make sure the specified column name exists. Otherwise, you must create this column before you can execute the SQL statement that you will be working with. If the column name is still present, check to see if the column name type has the most efficient syntax. For a smile name to be correct, it must meet audience criteria:

  • Column name cannot be sreserved for each word.
  • The first letter of a smile name must be a letter.
  • Feed name must be no more than 30 characters.
  • Column name must be alphanumeric.
  • The column name can contain one of the following three characters: income, # _,. If the column signature contains other characters, it must be surrounded by double punctuation marks.

Here is an example of this SQL statement that contains error Ora-00904:

SELECT column_name as “column_id”

FROM table

ORDER BY column ID;

In this exercise, the name “column_id” is an alias for column_name, which is then specifically requested as column_id. Note the missing quotes in the second column_id. To fix the error, follow the correct syntax by adding “column_id” between the double labels:

ora 00904 invalid identifier error

SELECT column name from AS “column_id” quotation

FROM table

ora 00904 invalid identifier error

ORDER BY “column_id”;

To avoid error Ora-00904 in the future, make sure the column name matches your current criteria for a valid column name. Rewrite the request in accordance with this uniquein the normal format. If you’re trying to help yourself find a column name that doesn’t exist, you’ll need to create a hug. Always check your spelling.