How To Solve Missing Library Problems?

Sometimes your system may display a message that libraries are missing. There can be several reasons for this problem.

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    This article provides a solution to fix errors indicating that it no longer works when opening a library in Windows Explorer.

    not found library missing

    Applies to: Windows 10 – all editions
    Original KB number: 2895090


  • You have a laptop running Windows 7 or Windows 8.
  • In File Explorer, try opening a library in windows such as Documents, Music, Pictures, and Videos.
  • In this case, when you try to open the library, you may receive an error message indicating that it has stopped working. For example, when restoring the Documents folder, the following error is displayed:

    Documents.library-ms has stopped working.
    For added security, this library can be removed from the computer. Folders saved this way are not always affected.



    1. Open pWindows Explorer.
    2. In the left pane, find “Select” “Libraries” and. If you don’t see Libraries, open the View menu at the top of the screen. Then click the “Navigation Bar” drop-down menu and make sure “Show libraries side by side” is checked.
    3. Select all your local libraries (Documents, and Images & Video Clips), right-click and select “Delete”.
    4. In the left pane, buy libraries, right-click and select Get default libraries. Libraries.

    They will then be rebuilt, and so all your data in your library folders should now show up in Windows Explorer Libraries again.

  • 2 minutes of reading
  • If you follow these steps to directly remove and re-create libraries, your library evidence will not be compromised.

    Some programs require Action DLLs to run, but sometimes games won’t run most or all of that particular software. Instead, you can see some messageerror message, entry “point not found in dynamic library”, link preventing continuation.

    How do you fix the procedure entry point could not be located in dynamic link library error?

    Method 1: Reinstall the problematic appMethod 2: Use the System File Checker tool.Method 3: Be sure to check for errors in Event Viewer.Method 4: Re-register the DLL fileMethod 5: Scan a computer running Windows DefenderLast thoughts.You may also like.

    Apparently the game or our own software cannot determine which DLL must be run in order for you to run this task. It is also possible that the library in question has been moved from the specified directory to part of a larger path, corrupted, or for some reason not necessarily located in the correct directory.

    This can be frustrating, especially when you’re ready to play your favorite game or need PC software. Fortunately, this can be fixed. Follow the methods below to fix the “Dynamic Link Error Library at Entry Point Not Found” error on a Windows 10 family PC.

    Method 1: Install The Visual C++ Redistributable Package For Visual Studio 2015

    Step 1: Open your browser, copy and paste the fields below into your browser’s address bar.

    This is considered the official Microsoft download link for the Visual C++ Visual Redistributable Package for Studio 2015.

    Step 2. Next you need totake the download file for according to your (32-bit/64-bit system architecture).

    To fix your system architecture, go to desktop, desktop, right-click “This PC” and select “Properties” when the context menu appears.

    Step 3: In the “Properties” system panel, navigate to the “System” section on the right. To check this type of system. This section tells you if your computer is definitely 32-bit, 64-bit, or 64-bit.

    not found library missing

    Step .4: .Now .instead .of knowing .the .type .of the .system (system architecture).go back to .Visual .C++ .Redistributable .for .Visual . Studio .2015 .download .page, .and .select ..upload ..exe to read and file based on and click Next.


    For example, the 64-bit function is such that we have selected file number one for the 64-bit system type.

    Several steps: after the download is complete, right-click and select View from Folder.

    How do I fix a dynamic link library error?

    Reinstall the problematic program.Clean up corrupted registry files with Advanced PC Cleanup.Run the System File Checker.Re-register the DLL file.Scan and remove malware and viruses from the system.Perform a system restore.

    Step 6: In the Downloads folder, right-click the installer file and select Run as administrator.

    Step 7. In the configuration window, set the specialCheck the box next to “I accept the terms of use”, then click the “Install” button.

    How do I fix the procedure entry point could not be located in dynamic link library error in cod4?

    1] Reinstall the program.2] You run the System File Checker.3] Register the database DLL again.4] Run a registry cleaner.5] Use Dependency Walker.6] Check the tool details in Event Viewer.

    Let’s finish the most important installation. After that, they may be able to restart your computer, and now you will probably open certain gaming software easily. If the problem is fixed, do not try the second method.

    Method 2: Re-registration In Dll-file

    Since we don’t know exactly which DLL is missing in this case, we will probably re-register all DLLs. Let’s see how.

    Step 1. Click the Start button in the lower left corner of the desktop (Windows desktop icon). Enter cmd field in search.second

    Step only: right-click the result and select “Run as administrator open” for command prompt in administrator mode.

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    Step 3. In the command prompt window, type the following command and press Enter:

    for %1 lives (* in.Do dll) regsvr32 /s %1

    After this particular process is complete, close the command prompt window. Restart your computer and try again, then open the game or software. This dayIt should open without a hitch, almost without errors. If it always shows an error, try the third most important method.

    Method 3. Run File Scan

    How do I fix entry point not found?

    Solution: 1s Scan with System File Checker. 2:Solution Restore your computer to a previous restore point.Hotfix or later: Install DLL file.Solution 4: ReinstallBut a problem.Solution 5 – Install my containing program, DLL file.Fix 6: Scan Also for malware for viruses.

    System Step 1. Go to the Windows (Start) icon on your desktop and type command prompt in the appropriate search box.

    Step 2. Right Click each of us and select Execute Boss from the context menu.3:

    step A command prompt window opens with administrator rights. Execute the following Must do command in the window and press Enter:

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