Steps To Fix My Computer Says The Primary Hard Drive Cannot Be Found

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    Today’s guide has been written to help you when you receive the “my computer says primary hard drive not found” error code. error not recognized, press F1 to continue” is most likely caused by the fact that the computer is simply not physically connected to the hard drive. The motherboard and hard drive may have occasional loose cable connections or frayed SATA cables and power connections.


    If the print clicks, is there a good chance it failed? You

    my computer says primary hard drive not found

    Hold down [Fn] while pressing firmly. It boots in any diagnostic test mode
    and most types of hardware… if you see any correct errors… Especially on both hard drives

    en as the next task. Type (press F2 repeatedly on the Dell splash screen bios)

    — If the problem persists, contact Technical Support. They will help you shed light on the role=”presentation”>Featured darkness

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    I had 5150 old IDE disks in a year and they just don’t recognize them. I have to turn offuntangle all the cables and connect these storages yourself so that they


    You may have unplugged and turned off the hard drive by opening the entire case. what a hard drive looks like.

    thanks cite=”/hardware-and-software/hardware/threads/26885/primary-drive-0-not-found#post772287″>

    Hello for the tip. Surprisingly, it could have been a cable that had come loose from the drive somewhere. I plugged it back in and it worked.

    Thanks again. Phil.



    I have installed

    Hello, if you can practice in safe mode…

    My laptop won’t start, but it can keep complaining. Press F1 to continue setting F2. After clicking Formula on 1, the message No boot devices available appears. Please help me with this
    thank you.


    hi, press f2 to enter bios/config, see if it recognizes your hard drive, if not…

    I had this exact same problem with a Dell computer that I think I was working on for a friend.

    The only thing I could think of was that it was a faulty Windows installation, some files didn’t load at all. Is your CD OK? transparent spots and scratches? If your company needs to reinstall Windows, be sure to thoroughly clean the CD before using it.

    It looks like you have a faulty hard drive that the BIOS can’t find and therefore is bootable, right? When the hard drive comes out ofRoy becomes less and less pleasant—sometimes he gets the job done, sometimes he doesn’t. The fact that a clean install of Windows might not detect this means it’s probably not a problem with the laptop or the scratched computer/hard drive. If this system is indeed still under warranty, we recommend contacting Dell for an inspection/replacement of the press. Do you hear a strange sensation (repeated click/squeal) coming from a busy drive? Anyway, if you enter the BIOS (press F2 right when you turn on the computer), you can see if the drive is recognized in the BIOS? And the last (simple) question to check, but which causes a lot of frustration when working with computers: do you see that the cables are connected correctly? Sometimes, as part of normal operation (due to vibration), or perhaps when moving the computer, try unplugging the hard drive cables, plugging them in, and then reinstalling them properly.

    I opened the computer, then played with the connector, destroying the hard drive. Now it works greatBut. Thanks anyway.

    If you go into the BIOS (the right to press F2 when you turn on the system), you can see if our blank disk is recognized in the BIOS?

    I have exactly the same problem, except that there are a lot of non-drivers visible in the BIOS path. Tried already with a beginner, but the drive is the same. Outlets generally work fine. Suggestions?

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    My calendar year is 5150, and if you don’t think about it, IDE drives don’t get recognized all the time. I usually have to disconnect and reconnect all cables for this type to work


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    Matt, I have exactly the same problem as the disease you helped solve. However, mine didn’t start until I opened the desktop zu 1 # because I wanted to convert y to a “clock” ba Carey. When I opened one of them, it made a rattling sound, and I’m guessing that the cable came loose from the hard drive.
    However, I am completely useless with them – how can I recognize the hard drive, can I reconnect the cable, i.e. What does it look like?
    Stupid question, I know, but “will it be under the DVD player?”

    my computer says primary hard drive not found

    You seem to have a bad hard drive that should not be recognized by the BIOS and therefore never boot. When a computer crashes, it becomes less and less responsive—sometimes it can work, sometimes it just doesn’t. The fact that the Windows hard drive cannot recognize it is probably not a software problem/scratched hard drive. If this policy is still under warranty, contact Dell for a steering check/replacement Do you hear any unusual noises (repeated clicks/squeaks) from any type of hard drive? If you enter the bios (directly press F2 when turning on the computer), can you tell if the drive is recognized in the bios? The last (simple) one needs to be checked, but it causes a lot of frustration with computers −Are the cable ends connected correctly? Sometimes during normal operation (due to vibration) or when forcing the computer, the cables may come loose frequently – try unplugging the cables from the hard drive and then plugging them back in securely.

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