Actions To Fix Errors With Multiple Values

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    You should review these troubleshooting tips if you are getting a multi-value error message on your computer. The #MULTIVALUE error tells you that this measure ends up containing multiple values, but you still haven’t provided enough information in the rows to separate each value correctly. This cannot be done on all lines because in one or two cases no additional information is needed.

    I ran into this problem when creating a WEBI report. Here is the program in question:

    multi value error

    =If([Change group task status description] = "Open")Then([Calculate GCT])ElseIf([Group of Change Task Status Desc] = "Complete" AND [SH Actual Open Date] >= [Current Date - 60] AND [SH Actual Open Date] <= [Current Date])Then ([number of GCTs])

    How do I fix #multivalue?

    You can try to get rid of it by manually specifying the region to use (for example, SUM). So, if your variable is known to be [Count C and O], you need to update SUM() to it, which yields SUM([Count C and O]) .

    This is very standard and simple code. As a general rule, count O and C if they can fall between the dates.

    multi value error

    Evaluation of formula - error inThe data record recognizes: # VALUE ADDEDCheck out the definition of this excellent formula inwrite context

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    I found that some kind of error occurs in this part of the code:

    AND [SH Actual Open Date] >= [Current Date 60] AND [SH Actual Open Date] <= [Current Date]

    I tried this line and didn't get any error. But the problem is obviously that I get too many reports that count towards Cs.

    I hope I've provided enough information. As I said, my husband and I have a pretty simple code. But this is my first time using WEBI and I need more reliable eyes for that.

    wished February 28. 15 inside 0:23


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    What is MultiValue error in Webi?

    This error occurs when your formula returns more than a value and Webi Credit Report doesn't know how to aggregate those values. This error occurs as follows: #multivalue at the section level. Ask our service to provide you with an account number that can be associated with multiple serial numbers.

    The #MULTIVALUE error means that, given the most important context (dimensions) in your block, the formula in your variable will typically send one or two extra numbers, and WebI doesn't know how to get them worst-case scenario (assuming the generated variable products are a measure).

    What is multivaluedictkeyerror?

    In most cases, this MultiValueDictKeyError occurred when a dictionary-like query object was missing a key. Because a dictionary could be described as an unordered key, a set of values ​​from two "associative stores" or "associative arrays"

    You'll notice this when you add other options to support your block, such as [Group change task status description], [Current date is 60] and [SH Open Date Actual Dt], the #MULTIVALUE error will eventually disappear and numbers will appear instead.

    What does the “MultiValue” error message mean?

    The #MULTIVALUE error lets everyone know that there are multiple values ​​in this measure, but you didn't provide enough detail on some lines to separate the values ​​for them. Thisdoes not happen with many lines, because in some cases no additional granularity is needed either. If you look closely at the TV screen above,

    You can try to solve this problem by simply manually specifying the aggregation to use (for example, SUM). So if a variable is called [Count C O] and you add SUM() to it, you get

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    Errore Multivalore
    Fehler Mit Mehreren Werten
    Fout Met Meerdere Waarden
    Erro De Varios Valores
    Mnogoznachnaya Oshibka
    Error De Varios Valores
    다중 값 오류
    Blad Wielu Wartosci
    Erreur De Valeur Multiple