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    Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation (ADPCM) will be a very widely implemented lossy compression format for XAudio2 to provide additional options for sizing using a compression fetch. When using a lossy compression format, some data is actually altered and lost during compression. ADPCM can achieve 4: 1 compression ratio.

    The XAudio2 ADPCM implementation provides additional functionality for specifying the block size of the compression model. ADPCM allows audio to choose a setting that is a reasonable compromise between size, size, and resolution (for pixel placement).

    XAudio2 uses a modified version of the Microsoft ADPCM codec that supports advanced data formatting required to provide custom sample block sizes. For this reason, XAudio2 audio cannot be played by sound modules that experts say do not support this version of a particular ADPCM codec.

    ADPCM Encoding

    Audio Protection Oo using the adpmencode command line tool in ADPCM.

    • AdpcmEncode

      microsoft adpcm audio codec download

      To encode ADPCM audio files as for use with XAudio2, use the command line tool AdpcmEncode.

    ADPCM Decoding

    • XAudio2

      To use ADPCM encoded files in XAudio2, you must initialize the ADPCMWAVEFORMAT structure with ADPCM verbose values ​​and pass them as arguments to IXAudio2 :: CreateSourceVoice when creating the original voice. For a demonstration of loading playback and sounds in XAudio2, see How to play audio with XAudio2 .


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    ADPCM works with a compression parameter, splitting a signal into parts and predicting how these signal patterns will change in each block. Block size is one of the types of sampling. The smallest block measured is 32 counts and the largest is 512 counts.

    Larger blocks provide better compression, resulting in smaller file sizes, but at the expense of audio quality and wrap-around resolution.

    If SamplesByBlock … Compress file Sound quality Fine resolution and loops
    Increased (up to 512) Zoom Decrease Decrease
    Decrease (min to 32) Decrease Zoom Zoom


    Since ADPCM contains blocks of samples that are aligned only one after the other, a wave compressed with ADPCM may have a partial block at the end. The ADPCM decoder creates silence for the rest of this sub-block, which prevents transparent wave repetition.

    microsoft adpcm audio codec download

    The advantage of the SamplesPerBlock parameter affects the resolution with which you can align the loops and data points of the waves.

    If you try to compress an unaligned wave, you will receive an error or warning message depending on whether the wave is needed in the loop play events. You cannot compress the waveform that is used in loop playback events. Don’t think about looping events, play like reapplying compression.

    If you are exclusively developing in no loop mode, the block alignment constraint selection does not apply.

    Structure Fileand ADPCM

    An ADPCM file is a standard functional RIFF file with the following fragment types.

    FCC Song Description
    RIFF A RIFF standard bit that contains a file type that includes the WAVE value in the first two bytes of the data section, in addition to other directory blocks in the rest of the learning section.
    fmt Contains a header for formatting the ADPCM file. This for block data corresponds to the structure ADPCMWAVEFORMAT.
    data contains ADPCM encoded audio data. If you are using ADPCM in XAudio2, someone needs to read the content of the data block in the stream and pipe it to a powerful voice as a pAudioData member of the XAUDIO2_BUFFER structure. You don’t need a byte to exchange content in the direction of the data block.
    smpl and wsmp Optional bit types containing the information cycle associated with the ADPCM file. If you are using ADPCM in XAudio2, values ​​protected in smpl or wsmp blocks are used to populate the LoopBeginLoopLength and LoopCount members of this XAUDIO2_BUFFER structure. On the Xbox 360, everyone should exchangeI have critical information loaded into smpl block per byte to account for the difference in endism between Windows and Xbox 360.

    Programming instructions

    • Article
    • 3 minutes to read.

    ADPCM data is currently only available for Windows and XNA Game Studio Express for Windows deployments.

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