Problems Booting Mediashield BIOS Should Be Fixed

Sometimes your computer may generate an error code indicating that the mediashield BIOS is loading. There can be several reasons for this problem.

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    Objects are always global objects that can send output to the script debugger. Here, whatever debugger we Microsoft calls will be a debugger script.

    Debug objects simply cannot look like other created objects, but can be used for manual debugging.

    The following methods are supported by Debug objects. These methods or entities have no effect if the illegal program does NOT perform a debugging function. methods supported by Debug objects are described in detail.


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    The product sends the write strings of the Microsoft Script Debugger immediate tabs to the runtime. If the script exits debug mode, the Write method has no effect.

    Write Debug.Write([str1 [, str2 [, … StrN]]]])


    low counter Counter is 42 Debug.Write “Count values ​​in &” counter line

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    Write Writeline is very similar to the Write application. The .WriteLine .method sends .lines, .followed .by a .newline .character, .to the .window.Immediate my Microsoft Debugger script at run time. If a particular script does not run in debug mode, the WriteLine method is also valid for No.

    Debug.WriteLine([str1 [, str2 [, … [, strN]]]])



    Enable Debug Mode

    To activate the script in debug mode, after the actions to be performed by the user −

  • On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.dialog

  • In the Internet Options window, click the Advanced tab.

  • Under the Navigation category, uncheck “Disable debug script”.

  • Click OK.

  • Sign out and restart Internet Explorer.

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    Video Tutorials Class=””>

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    I stumbled across this post and revisited an approximation I used some time ago regarding @MadAntrax.

    The main difference can be described as the use of a custom VBScript class to wrap all the common sense to switch to a CScript matrix and output text to the console, making the main script much cleaner.>


    assumes your goal is simply to stream to output on Xbox 360, not output as message boxes.

    The cCONSOLE class will probably be part of it. To use it, place its complete class at the end of your script, and then instantiate “to” at the very beginning of your script. .Here is an .example:

    . . . .option .explicit'// .creates .your current .console .object, .this .automatically .switches .to make sure .CSCript .is .required.Sun .CONS: .Set .CONS .= .New .cCONSOLE'// .Now .we .will .use .the .console .object to .deliver .to .the .console .and .from .the .consoleWith .CONS . . . .'// .Just .write a .string . , . . ..print "CSCRIPT game console demo script" Ar'//arguments are sent correctly in present tense .Show "Number of arguments=" and wscript.arguments. consider '// List of all disputes in the console log Sun IX for = nothing ix in wscript.arguments.count -1 .print "Arg(" & & & ix ")=" wscript.Arguments(ix) next '// Tooltip with custom text dim sMsg: = sMsg .prompt("Enter text:") almost '// Write text to any field .Box sms ' Pause // with the message Type "press continue". .Breakfinish with'============ End of story - cCONSOLE class code is processed here
     CLASS cCONSOLE'= ============================================= === ========'= =    This class provides instant CScript switching and has methods '=    to write read to and from the CSCript console. Transparent it '= to switch CScript if the current WScript is running. = '= =========================================== = == ==========    private walk    private oIN    Private subclass_Initialize()    '= execute when creating cCONSOLE concept check cScript work        '= Check if it's possible to run CScript if there is no reload        '= then run with CScript and destroy this instance.        shaded oShell installedCall CreateObject("WScript oShell=.Shell")       If InStr(LCase(WScript.FullName), "cscript.exe") = 0 Then            '= Don't run cscript under '= Get problems on command line and start argument

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