Linux Kernel Virtual Address Solutions

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    The operating system maintains a true flat 32-bit virtual address space. The bottom 2 GB of sort space is for user processes, the top 2 GB is for the kernel. The main address yard is statically displayed in the house.

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    linux kernel virtual address

    The Linux kernel usually allocates virtual address space, part of which is for the kernel to perform a 1: 1 mapping offset behind the first portion of physical memory. (slightly less than 1GB to achieve 32 bit x86, may differ from other CPUs or configurations). For example, for x86 kernel code, Cope 0xc0000001 maps to active address 0x1.

    Where is virtual address space in Linux?

    On GNU / Linux, a process can display mappings made to its actual address space by simply reading the file / proc / self / maps.

    This is known as a logic app – a 1: 1 mapping (with some latency) that allows the kernel to access the Internet using most of the physical memory of the machine.

    But that’s not enough – sometimes we might have 1 GB more physical memory on a 32-bit machine, sometimes we want to personally refer to non-contiguous blocks of physical memory as well as contiguous areas that don’t have RAM to make things easier …

    In turn, the kernel retains the local scopeat the top of its web address space, where it provides the best “random” distribution between pages. Maps do not currently match a 1: 1 realistic map area model. I call this virtual mapping.

    It is important to increase on many systems (eg x86) erasure and virtual mapping are performed using the same hardware mechanism (virtual memory TLB operation). In many cases, “logical mapping” is actually done using the processor’s virtual memory function, which can be a little confusing. So the difference is in the application creation model: 1: 1 for logic, no matter what happens to the virtual one.

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    1. Logical addressing: address allwhere formed from base and offset. This is usually nothing more than segmented addressing, in which the address (or offset) is usually always used in a program with the primary base value in the part descriptor.
    2. Linear Addressing: Also called virtual mailing address. Here the addresses are contiguous, but our physical address is not. Pagination is considered to be used for this device.
    3. Physical adaptation: current address in main memory!

    Does kernel use virtual address?

    All calls to the CPU (also from kernel space) can use virtual addresses, which are mapped to physical addresses based on the MMU using additional tables. For efficiency reasons, the virtual memory space is divided into user disk space and kernel space.

    On Linux, kernel memory (in address space) now exceeds 3 GB (3 GB 4 GB), for example 0xc000000. The addresses used by the kernel do not have to be physical addresses. It uses PAGE_OFFSET to virtualize service mapping. Care should be taken not to use a secondary interpretation. that is, these duplicate addresses are inherent. However, there will be a limit like 896 MB on x86. In addition, pagination is used for translation. If you are using vmalloc, these addresses will be returned to access the allocated memory.

    Easy to read: if someone contacts Memory Electronic in connection with a floor Space, this is subsequently done with pagination. When kernel virtual memory is mentioned, it is either a PAGE_OFFSETed address or a virtual address.

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    Plausible kernel addresses are mappings that kernel code can access using normal processor memory check functions. On 32-bit systems, you’ll only find 4GB of kernel logical address space, although physical memory is used in excess of that. The logical binding space supported by physical memory can be allocated using kmalloc .

    Does kernel use virtual memory?

    Yes, the Linux kernel only uses virtual memory in user-space processes that use virtual memory. This virtual memory is special in many ways – after all, the kernel manages it – but it is virtual, not physical.

    Virtual addresses must indeed have corresponding logical storage locations. You can allocate physical memory that is sufferingfrom vmalloc , and restore the primary address that does not have a corresponding obvious address (for example, on 32-bit systems with PAE). Then you can help kmap assign a logical email address to this virtual address.

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    linux kernel virtual address


    Simply put, the virtual address of “high memory” will count, which does not do a 1: 1 mapping for a physical address, if the RAM size is larger than this kernel address range (usually for 1G / 3G with X86, your RAM is 3G, but that kernel address range is 1 GB), as well as the return address of kmap () and vmalloc (), which requires your current kernel to create a page count table for the current memory allocation. Since the logical address is usually always o As mapped into real kernel memory (1: 1 mapping), you don’t need to explicitly call a kernel API like set_pte to adjust the table entry needed for the corresponding page.

    So the address can hardly be a logical address, most likely an hour.

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