Best Way To Fix Iis-php Ado Ms Insert Access Error

This article will describe some possible causes that can cause iis php ado ms Access insert error and then I will suggest possible solutions with which you can try to resolve this issue.

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    I am

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    i Create a site that retrieves user data and inserts it into a database. I am using MS Access because it will only be implemented by 20-30 employees. The provided online store uses IIS 7.5 in terms of localhost: 92 firewall rules were enabled to allow connections on ports 80-95 (since there are web pages with ports and some ports are used for testing sites).

    iis php ado ms access insert error

    I enabled Windows Authentication only for I certification because users are limited by blessing rules.

    It runs on the desktop, which opens the And website access file (Access 2010 accdb files are saved with My Documents. I gave IIS_IUSRS some level of access)

    So, if I open the site and enter some information and facts, it will successfully enter the database. But if a colleague tries in addition to his PC, there will be a downside:

      Fatal error: Undetected 'PDOException' at rate'SQLSTATE [HY000]: Error: General -3035 [Microsoft] [ODBC Microsoft AccessDriver] The operation must use a specific updateth request. (SQLExecute [-3035] mmmext  pdo_odbc  odbc_stmt.c: 254) 'forC:  Users  username  Documents  Website  website  index.html: 139(file: /// C: /Users/username/Documents/Website/website/index.html: 139) LotTrace: # 0 C:  Users  username  Documents  Website  website  index.html (139)(file: /// C: /Users/username/Documents/Website/website/index.html (139)): PDO-> main query ('INSERT INTO Tab ... # 1') posted inC:  Users  username  Documents  Website  website  index.html(file: /// C: /Users/username/Documents/Website/website/index.html) in topic 139 

    I’ve tried giving the folder access to almost everyone. There is no lock in your database. I have granted IIS_IUSRS permissions from ODBC registry keys. I have granted access rights to the DB folder to all users. Does not work.

       setattribute (pdo :: attr_errmode, ($ _SERVER ["REQUEST_METHOD"] == "POST")$ Change = $ _ POST ["change"];$ Name = $ _ POST ["name1"];$ Inc = $ _ POST ["Inc"];$ Waiver = $ _ POST [Waiver];$ Support = $ _ POST ["Support"];$ Environment = $ _ POST ["environment"];$ Attachment = $ _ POST ["Attachment"];$ SapID = $ _ POST ["sane"];$ Planning = $ _ POST ["Calendar"];$ ChangeType = $ _ POST ["Type"];$ Affected CI = $ _ POST ["Affected"];$ Risk = $ _ POST ["risk"];$ Ref = $ _ POST ["ref"];$ Priority = $ _ POST ["Priority"];$ sql means SELECT * FROM Table2 WHERE USER ID LIKE '. $ Name. ”'AND SapID LIKE'". $ SAP ID."' ";$ result = $ dbh-> query ($ sql);$ row = $ result-> fetch ();if ($ line == null)if ($ _SERVER ["REQUEST_METHOD"] == "POST")   "
    Check user ID and SAP ID. Correct if necessary mail / ping Anti21
    "; different$ sql1 = "INSERT INTO (Modification, WaiverID, Support, Reviewer, INC_RITM, Attachment, SapID, Schedule, ChangeType, AffectedCI, Risk, Ref, Priority, Environment) table1 in ... "VALUES ('". $ Change. "', '". $ Waiver. "', '". $ Support. "', '". $ Name. "', '". $ Inc. "', '" . $ Schedule. "','". $ SapID. "','". $ Schedule. "','". $ ChangeType. "','". $ AffectedCI. "','". $ Risk. " ',' ". $ Ref." ',' ". $ Priority." ',' ". $ Environment." ') ";$ dbh-> query ($ sql1);echo "Done. r n";?>

    EDIT: So I turned off Windows Authentication and changed – Anonymous Authentication and started working. So the problem seems to be with Windows Authentication. I have full access to IS_IUSR for all folders where the website and collection are stored. This does not work. We are always looking for a solution a.

    EDIT2: I checked it with my username on another PCwhich cannot save the db file. It worked with a new identifier. This leads me to think that the issue is probably permissions related. I just need to fix where.

    iis php ado ms access insert error

    EDIT3: I need to add some users who want to become an IIS_ISURS group. After adding to the group, some sites stopped returning errors.

    I have a fully functional Microsoft Access database. I made the database a nice solid composite class and just an easy to understand page that contains the class and therefore creates a simple SQL prefix. I know the code has always been correct because it worked fine a few weeks ago. However, upon login then and now I have PHP, MySQL, my IIS and PHPMyAdmin installed. (We had some problems with our servers, so we tried to go to localhost, but that was fixed before using PHPMyAdmin).

    I now have a handy login class and a PHP forum page (with FTP). However, if I run the same query again that I used a few weeks ago, I am now happy with the post aboutshibke:


     : Could not find truck driver. Warning: file_put_contents (connection.errors.txt) [function.file-put-contents]: error opening channel: authorization denied E: customerblahblahblahwwwsimpleTest in.php on line 31 


    Connecting to class

     public $ dbName;$ Con function;private __construct ()$ this-> dbName = $ _SERVER ["DOCUMENT_ROOT"]. "../database / db.MDB function "; unite()    $ this-> con means new PDO ("odbc: DRIVER = Microsoft Access Driver (* .DBQ = $ this-> dbName; mdb); Uid = Admin; Pwd =;");    $ this-> con-> setAttribute (PDO :: ATTR_ERRMODE, PDO :: ERRMODE_EXCEPTION);    Returns $ this -> con;     


      if (! ini_get ('display_errors'))ini_set ('display_errors', '1');To attemptinclude_once 'classes / connectionClass.php';// get the database connection$ con = refresh connection ();$ pdoConnection = $ con-> connect ();// query the database$ sql matches $ pdoConnection-> prepare ("SELECT * FROM Celebs");$ result matches $ sql-> execute ();while ($ row = $ sql-> fetch (PDO :: FETCH_ASSOC))    echo $ line ['name'];    $ line ['Name']; echo entry (exception $ e)echo 'ERROR:'. $ e-> getMessage ();file_put_contents ('connection.errors.txt', $ e-> getMessage (). PHP_EOL, FILE_APPEND); 

    I haven’t improved the code, and I was wondering if installing PHP, MySQL, IIS in addition to PHPMyAdmin was interfering with my code of workwhat? I have checked phpinfo (); But I don’t know what to buy. B

    Edit: Also, after a little debugging, I’m pretty sure the exact error in simpleTest is code related. After PHP tries to establish another connection …

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