Help Fix BIOS Update Error On Desktop Computer

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    If you find out how to update the BIOS to a desktop error code on your computer, then you should check out these recovery methods. Download the latest BIOS (or UEFI) from the manufacturer’s website.Unzip it and copy it to a spare flash drive.Restart your company computer and enter BIOS or UEFI.Use the menu to update that specific BIOS/UEFI.

    how to update bios on desktop computer

    In general, your computer’s basic input/output system should not be updated as often, but sometimes you need to review or even change your computer’s entire BIOS. Here’s how.

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    how to update bios on desktop computer

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    You may not need to update your BIOS, but sometimes you need to. How to find out which BIOS version your computer is using and install this new BIOS version on your motherboard as quickly and reliably as possible.

    Be very careful when updating your BIOS! If your laptop or desktop freezes, crashes, or loses power during someone else’s process, the BIOS or UEFI firmware might be corrupted. This will show that your computer cannot start – the computer is “walled”.

    How to check the current BIOS version in Windows

    How do I know if my BIOS needs updating?

    First, go to your motherboard manufacturer’s website and find the download or support page for your specific motherboard model. You should see a mailing list of available BIOS versions along with the changes/bug fixes for each and/or their release date. Download the version you want to upgrade to.

    Your computer’s BIOS version is displayed in the BIOS location menu itself, but you don’t have to reboot to check this version number.There are several ways to view the BIOS version in Windows, and they work the same on a PC with a traditional BIOS firmware or a newer UEFI firmware.

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    Check The BIOS Version On The Command Line

    Can you update BIOS from desktop?

    Find your current BIOS version Restart your computer and press or hold the marked key to enter your system’s BIOS. You can now download the latest motherboard BIOS update and release utility from the manufacturer’s website. The update utility is often part of a template download package.

    To check our BIOS version from the command line, click Start, type “cmd” in the search box, then click. You will see the result “Command Prompt” – you don’t need to run it as administrator.

    When prompted after the command, type (or copy and paste), then press Enter:

    How do I update my BIOS in Windows 10?

    Once Windows 10 is set up, open the start menu and press the power button with your mouse.Hold the mysterious Shift and select the “Restart” option.It would be wise to see several options available.Now select “Advanced Options” and select “UEFI Firmware Settings”.Click the Restart button and your computer should now boot into the BIOS.

    wmic bios gets smbiosbios version

    You will see the BIOS or UEFI firmware type number on the current PC.

    Check The BIOS Version In The System Information Window

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    You can also find the BIOS version number in the System Information window. On Windows 7, 8, or 10, press Windows + R, type “msinfo32” in the Run box, and press Enter.

    The BIOS version number is displayed in the summary of this system partition. Look at the BIOS Version/Date field.

    To help you update your BIOS

    At different locationsMotherboards use different utilities and procedures, so there is no single guide here. However, you will be doing the same basic exercise on all motherboards.

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    First, visit your motherboard manufacturer’s website and find the download or support page for your specific motherboard model. You should see a list of available BIOS versions with all changes/fixes and their release dates. Download the version you want to update. As a general rule, you should get the latest BIOS unless you need an older version.

    If you bought a pre-built computer instead of building your own, go to the computer manufacturer’s website, look at your desktop computer model, and check the CD page. There you will find all available BIOS updates.

    Do BIOS update automatically?

    The system BIOS may be automatically updated to the current version after an optional Windows update if the BIOS was previously restored to a higher version.older version. After installing this firmware, the model’s BIOS will also be automatically updated via Windows Update. The end user can remove or disable the update if necessary.

    Your BIOS download will most likely be offered as an archive – usually as ZIP content. Extract the contents of the file. Inside you will find some kind of BIOS file – in the screenshot below This is our file E7887IMS.140.

    The archive should always contain a README file, which will definitely help you when updating this new BIOS. You should look in this file for instructions specific to your hardware, but unfortunately we’re trying to cover the basics here that will work for any hardware.

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    You must choose from a variety of specific types of BIOS flashing tools depending on your motherboard and what it supports. The download README file included with the BIOS update should ideally recommend the option based on your hardware.

    Some manufacturers provide an option to update the BIOS directly in their BIOS using a special keystroke option before booting the computer. You copy the BIOS file to an approved USB drive, restart your computer, and optionally open the BIOS or UEFI window. From there, select the “Update BIOS” option, select the BIOS file families stored on the USB drive associated with BIOS updates to another versions.

    CONNECTIVITY: What you need to know about using UEFI instead of Full BIOS

    You usually access the BIOS screen by pressing the appropriate key when starting the computer – this is often seen where the screen during the boot process is also marked on your motherboard or on your manual computer. Common BIOS factors are Delete and F2. The step to view the UEFI screen may be slightly different.


    There are other non-renewable DOS based BIOS flashing tools. If using these devices, create a live search on the DOS drive, then copy the Flashing Power BIOS and BIOS file to this USB drive. Then restart your computer and boot from the flash drive. In a minimal DOS environment that reappears after a reboot, enter the appropriate command – often something like flash.bat BIOS3245.bin – and the tool will write a new innovative BIOS version for this firmware.

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