How To Set Up Lotus Notes Email In Outlook? Repair Immediately

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    Over the past few days, several of our readers have informed us that they have learned how to set up Lotus Notes email in Outlook. Open Microsoft Outlook. Select Tools from the menu bar, then Email Accounts.Select “Add New Email Account”.Select Microsoft Office Outlook Connector for IBM Lotus Domino from the Additional Server Types window of the Email Accounts window.

    Lotus Notes is a popular IBM mail client. The app offers collaboration features such as email, calendar, lead management, instant file sharing, messaging, writing, and more. But due to market performance and business needs, people are switching to Microsoft Outlook because it allows for an interface. with easy data management and security zones. To customize Lotus Email Notes related to Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, please see the helpful information to resolve various custom requests such as:

    • Hello! I feel like a Notes user. But due to business needs, I want to adapt Lotus Notes to Outlook. Since I am new to Outlook, I am not familiar with export NSF files as there are many Notes database files. But I would like to transfer all my data including calendar, email, tasks, and also to a PST file. I need an exclusive efficient solution to support my vision of converting NSF file to pst

    WahIt is important to know the file formats supported by both email clients. IBM Notes supports Notes Storage Format (NSF) files for storing mailbox data items, and Microsoft Outlook supports Personal Storage Table (PST) files in a single format. To read Lotus Notes emails in Outlook 2010, you need to convert NSF files to PST image format.

    How To Set Up Lotus Notes Email For Outlook 2016, 2019?

    Can I open Lotus Notes emails in Outlook?

    These email clients are widely used by many business users, but both have storage formats. Lotus Notes uses an NSF file to store data attached to the local computer, while Outlook uses the PST format for this. Impossible directlyimport messages, contacts and calendar entries from Lotus Notes to MS Outlook.

    How do I set up Lotus Notes email?

    On the administration site, in a specific navigation area, click Lotus Domino Settings.Customize the display of Lotus Notes and Lotus iNotes.Configure the default values ​​for the native export format as well as all other export formats that retrieve Lotus Notes emails.Click Apply.

    It’s easy to move and access your NSF Notes file in PST. Each step-by-step guide is here to guide you through the import-export process. You can customize Lotus Notes in Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019. To open nsf emails in Outlook, follow these steps:

    Export NSF Emails To PST File For Help

    1. Open IBM Lotus Notes. Select all emails you want to move

    3. A dialog box will open. Now enter a name to save the structured text file in the desired location

    5. After filling out the dialog box that appears, just click OK.

    All preferred emails are buThe air is moved to the specified location type. Now you need to convert the resulting file to CSV (Comma Separated Values) file format using Tab Separated Values ​​format as Microsoft Outlook does not support structured text file format. Now start the process of importing read Lotus Notes emails into Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019.

    Import The Resulting NSF File To PST

    how to configure lotus notes email in outlook

    1. Open Microsoft Outlook. Go to File >> Open >> Import

    how to configure lotus notes email in outlook

    2. The import and export window and wizard will open. Choose to import from another program or file and proceed accordingly

    3. For the file type, select either commas to keep Windows, or Separated Tabs using Windows. Depending on the file format, you need to convert Lotus Notes NSF emails

    5. Continue until the import path is complete. You can now access Lotus Notes Outlook without prejudice and this process of setting up Lotus Notes Contact with Outlook is complete


    The manual method for configuring Lotus Notes Outlook has several disadvantages. It is possible that some uhe-mails are often missing. The process is a bit tedious and time-consuming. This method is largely intended to confuse a completely new person who is not tech savvy. When Lotus email notifications are encrypted, the conversion of Lotus Notes NSF email to Outlook can be heavy. There are various items of data such as calendar, journals, session jobs, etc. that cannot be migrated using this method. But for a good and successful migration, you can purchase the automated solution as shown.

    Expert Solution

    As mentioned earlier, there is a useful wizard to set up Lotus Notes mail in Outlook in less time. Can transfer unlimited amount of computer data from database and open NSF Notes for PST documentation without data loss. This configuration can be easily achieved using the devices mentioned above. It allows users to easily access Notes email, journals, calendar, tasks, contacts, items, and more Other mailbox items in Microsoft Outlook. You can also extend Lotus Notes to email from Outlook using the Remove Encryption option. You can also save documents related to a specific date field. The tool is compatible with the latest versions of Notes, Domino Server, Microsoft Outlook, Exchange Microsoft Server and Windows OS.


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    In this article, most people have discussed one possible way to configure Lotus Notes mail in Outlook. But it is not very efficient to transfer encrypted emails using a managed approach. So you can use a professional solution like NSF to really use PST File Converter, which can import all your Notes data with ease. The tool provides a hassle-free transfer of linked unlimited emails from NSF file to PST file in minimal temp format without data loss.

    How do I change my default email from Lotus Notes to Outlook?

    Select File from the top menu.Select options.On the General menu, under Startup Options, enable the Make Outlook Expired Email Program for Mail, Contacts, and Calendar option.Click OK.

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