Solutions For Configuring Additional Mailboxes In Outlook 2007

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    Here are some easy ways to fix the problem with setting up additional mailboxes in Outlook 2007. From the Tools menu, select Account Settings.Click the Email tab.Click on Edit.Click Advanced Settings.Click the Advanced tab.Click the Add button.Enter the name of the selected mailbox (for example, us-test).Click on OK. (Your documented mailbox should appear in the list of folders that are allowed to remain in your list of folders.)

    Recently, a member of our forum asked how you can easily add a second mailbox to your personal Outlook 2007 client. I really have to admit that; The process is slightly different from this Outlook 2003 client and it took my family a few minutes to get it. But the solution will be ready in just a few seconds. So, let’s begin.

    how to configure additional mailbox in outlook 2007

    Update 05/19/2010: How to add an additional mailbox in Outlook 2010

    How do I setup multiple mailboxes in outlook?

    From the File menu, select Info.Select Account Settings, then Account Settings.Select your primary account, then click Change.In the Change Account dialog box, select Advanced Options.In the extended invoice, select Add.Enter a name for the specific mailbox and select OK.

    Update 7/24/2012: Here’s how to add an additional mailbox in Outlook 2013

    Step 1. If Outlook was opened 3 years ago, please click “Tools”, “Account Settings”

    Steps every five. Enter the name of the additional / additional mailbox and click “OK”

    Note. Youat least there might be read access and a new mailbox; otherwise, you will not be able to open this new mailbox after adding it. If anyone needs help with this, ask your personal sysadmin or your post on my forum.

    Step 6. Make sure the new mailbox is listed in the “Open these additional mailboxes” section of the main window and click “OK”.

    After adding a new mailbox, the Outlook client will appear here.

    Here you can add an additional mailbox to Outlook 2007. You can easily manage your email accounts.

    Attach POP3, IMAP Or HTTP Mailbox

    How do I add an additional mailbox in Outlook?

    To add another mailbox, go to Start Microsoft Outlook 2016.Select the File tab>Select Information tab> Account Settings.Go to your current mailbox in your account settings and see EditSelect “Advanced Settings”.Select the “Advanced” tab.Select “Add”.In the current mailbox, enter descriptions or search for mailboxes.

    Attach Exchange Mailbox

    When running a light business, you often have to wear multiple hats. Combining different responsibilities is often associated with several different emails Oms such as your personal email address and a specific general business address that potential employees may use when visiting the website. Fortunately, if you are using MS Outlook 2007, you can access the printer mailboxes from the same application window. The method you use to add the second mailbox depends on the type of email you are using.

    Close Outlook if available on your desktop. Click “Start”, select “Control” from the panel. In the View By list, select Large Icons or Small Icons and click Mail. Click Show Profiles.

    Click most of the names in your existing personal Outlook profile and click the Properties button. Click this Email Accounts button to create the Account Settings dialog box. In most cases, click the New button and select Email Account. Click Next.

    How do I add another mailbox to the folder pane?

    In the list of folders, right-click your new name and select Add Shared Folder. In the Add Shared Folder dialog box, select the name of the mailbox to which you have access and click Add. The mailbox appears in the list of Outlook Web App directories.

    Enter your email address, how you want recipients to see your messages, for example email addresswhat is the appointment. Activate Next and wait for Outlook to change your email settings. Click Finish. Click OK to close the email chat and restart Outlook. The added account will now be listed in the dropdown list.

    how to configure additional mailbox in outlook 2007

    Start Outlook. Go to your current Tools menu and select Account Settings. At the top of the Email Accounts window, click the Change button.

    In the lower-right corner of the Change Email Account dialog box, click the Advanced button. Go directly to the Advanced tab and click the Add button in the Mailboxes section.

    Enter a specific mailbox name for the second mailbox you want to join, or click OK. Outlook uses your new Windows domain credentials to set up many other accounts.

    When you see the second mailbox listed in the Mailboxes section, click OK and then Next. Click Finish, click Close at the top. Your sub account will now be logged out.Play in the navigation area.

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