Steps To Restore Hard Drive System Files

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    If you receive an error message related to system files on your computer’s hard drive, check out these troubleshooting tips. Everyone should know that tips can only be saved after iterating through the formatting. Format. Data storage can be called a file function, and formatting is a process associated with writing from the file system to a partition. After the format section can be viewed and used by the operating system to store and access data.

    Earlier articles talk about the partition table, which is considered important for hard drives, and this chapter talks about the file system, which is equally important.

    File System

    What file system should I format my hard drive to?

    Choose the correct file system NTFS Folder Format: When you finally want to format your primary drive (along with your precious operating system), you must use NTFS Files (New Technology System), which is the Windows standard and modern file system. NTFS is definitely a good choice for external storage as well, as itcompatible with a wide range of devices.

    This indicates that all hard drives can be used for data storage basically immediately after they have been formatted. What is B formatting? In the previous chapter, it was explained that a newly created partition on a hard disk cannot be used until a disk format has been created to store the data. The data storage structure can be called a file system, since formatting is the process of creating a file system for the partition system.

    After formatting, a partition is often recognized and used by the operating console to store and access data directly.

    The file system has different formats, and different partitions of the same disk can be loaded with different file systems. As for which system, the most common list systems are big AND NTFS. Next, we will present these codecs ffile system one by one.


    Actually, RAW is definitely not a file system format. Typically, partitions are raw partitions that cannot be recognized by Windows. A RAW partition is either an unformatted partition that is corrupted along with a partition whose file system is corrupted for some reason. The RAW section usually reports “Not Formatted” or “Corrupted” errors on Windows. Section

    RAW is never available and can be used permanently after formatting.

    Important! If the RAW partition contains important files, be sure to restore them before formatting. It exists


    hard drive system files

    Generally, there are three types of FAT (file table): FAT16, FAT32, and fat12 locations. FAT12 is suitable for very small walls and is usually used on floppy disks, while FAT16 is built on hard disks ranging in size from 16MB 2 to GB. Therefore, FAT12 and FAT16 are rarely out of date today, and when people talk about the system, it means FAT32.

    With regard to the FAT32 file system, we need to understand two things 1:. Size of individual filesfishing should be GB; 4 2. FAT32 partitions are usually less than 32 GB, otherwise it will affect the performance. of these

    hard drive system files

    Due to two limitations, hard drives are rarely used, as volumes often exceed 1 TB. The FAT file system is currently applied to USB drives, cards, etc., which are usually proprietary.


    NTFS is the most appropriate file system for partitioning a computer. Today, almost all computers work with NTFS partitions. Compared to the current FAT, NTFS has many advantages, such as the elimination of FAT32 pair limitations mentioned above.

    Which file systems are used in Windows for hard drives?

    It determines how data is stored on your car’s drive and what types of information can be attached to files – filenames, permissions, and other attributes. Windows supports three sets of file systems, NTFS is the modern file system. Windows uses NTFS for the system drive, and by default for most non-removable drives.

    Again, a plausible limitation of NTFS might be that it was designed by Microsoft and therefore the Insider technology was never officially released. Therefore, your computer cannot use the NTFS file system if another system, such as Linux, is installed on it.

    Windows’ share of the removable device market is negligible. Call your mobile phone and listen to music, mp5, digital camera, etc. These tiny portable devices mainly usethe FAT file system, which can also work with removable drives, but with Windows computers.

    Another disadvantage of NTFS is that it was designed earlier for traditional mechanical disk movement, so ntfs is not a good resolution for storage devices that are mostly made based on flash memory (e.g. USB stick, SSD, SD- map, etc.). ). This is because NTFS can shorten the life of these removable drives mainly due to how NTFS works. This is why many people don’t offer an easily portable NTFS file system for devices.


    Because the combined capacity of USB flash drive and SD card also increases significantly, FAT32 is no longer good enough to work with these devices. To fill the resulting void, exFAT was introduced, the limitations of virtual FAT32.

    A note regarding exFAT is that Microsoft has also introduced it as an example of flash memory (such as a USB drive, SSD, SD card, etc.) instead of hard drives. used by exfat very recently and requires Microsoft approval. In addition,Oh, many old removable machines, especially devices, are unstructured and don’t support exFAT.

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    Note. As for the SSD, if the program is installed on the computer, you want to use the NTFS file system and help align the SSD in 4K sectors, which will be explained later; If the SSD is used as an external hard drive, exFAT is the best option.

    Show the file system of a DiskGenius partition
    We’ve talked a lot about which filesystem generates the most, now let’s look at the partition’s filesystem:

    It was mentioned in the previous part that NTFS is best suited for computers and all partitions associated with this drive are NTFS partitions.

    4K Sector Alignment

    You may not be familiar with 4K sector alignment, but it’s certainly important to focus on high capacity hard drives, solid state drives, memory cards, etc. So you may not know anything about it.

    First, drive at high speed so that most of the 4K sectors match. reduce the amount of ejection ov; increase life expectancy; it means little to flash storage devices then.

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