What Is Mandatory Host Error Reporting And How To Fix It?

If there is an error on your computer, you need to specify the hosts, then this guide can help you.

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    I get an error when starting a full playbook, but I can’t find the reason …

    ERROR! the “hosts” field is required but not defined

      ---- Host: host- Wars: - elastischesearch_java_home: /usr/lib/jmv/jre-1.7.0 : elastischesearch_http_port: 8443- Tasks: for example: task / main.yml- Administrator:  Include: - handlers / main.yml 
      [root @ poste08-08-00 elasticsearch] # ansible has -m ping10.23.108.183 | SUCCESS =>    "changed": false,    "Ring":10 "Pong" 23.108.182 | => Success    "changed": false,    "Table tennis" | SUCCESS =>    "changed": false,    "Ring":10 "Pong" .23.108.184 | SUCCESS =>    "changed": false,    "Table tennis" 
      ~ $ cat ansible_hosts   [myserver]    myserver ansible_connection = ssh ansible_ssh_user = root ansible_sudo = true 
      ~ $ cat install_tools.yml    - hosts: rancher_hosts        2) Tasks:      - name: "make sure the packages are installed"        apartment: name =        with_items:          - energy          - htop          - iotop          - wget          4. Buckles. 

    error hosts declaration is required

      ~ $ ansible-playbook Ansible_hosts -i install_tools.yml -vvvvvError! The "Hosts" field is important but has not been definedflax. 
      ~ $ Level install_tools.yml- hosts: rancher_hosts  Tasks:    - Title: "Make sure courses are installed."      apartment: name =      with_items:        - energy        ~ htop        ~ iotop        - wget        and lure 

    This might be a silly question, although I’m trying to run a robust playbook with two separate tasks to find files older than 60 days by looking for a specific directory and then just deleting those files with the Find and File quests. I have not declared the host here in the playbook, mainly because I don’t know which host to declare as this will just delete files on the NFS-attached drive on top of the Ansible server. Alt = “”

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    error hosts declaration is required

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    Felvardsdeklaration Kravs
    La Declaration Des Hotes D Erreur Est Requise
    Trebuetsya Obyavlenie Hostov Oshibok
    Fout Hosts Declaratie Is Vereist
    Declaracao De Hosts De Erro E Necessaria
    E Richiesta La Dichiarazione Degli Host Di Errore
    오류 호스트 선언이 필요합니다
    Se Requiere Declaracion De Error De Hosts
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