Easy Way To Fix Corrupted Nfss Tables

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    You need to check out these fix ideas when a corrupted nfss table error appears on your computer. A corrupted NFSS table means that the package misconfigured the website: with the default LaTeX configuration, all tables should work. The correct solution to this problem is up to everyone who creates a font package.

    It looks like an area with a centuries-old flaw. You may be wondering if this is the best mistake or is it actually because the preamble proposal is not particularly supported – I think it ends up with both, in terms of the two, because NFSS is just in the final tables … However, I’ve tried to adapt the font of choice before, but the answers are up to you. I missed a deal.

    In NFSS, the specific csname / / / contains a recipe for getting write permission that dictates a specific size, for example. T5 / fve / m / n / 10 is searched once, so T5 / fve / m / n will tell us how we can benefit from font size 10. if this macro is not defined, the following is either because NFSS is unaware of it or has not completed the definition for this family.

    If selected, it tries toGet these definitions by uploading an entry named t5fve.fd in the hope that the idea contains the correct definitions. If there is still no description after this description, first the creation, then the series, and finally the person’s family are changed to some default settings to find the exact alternative.

    In this example, T5 / fve / m / n / 10 is requested next to the first selectfont : it is not displayed and either t5fve .fd < / code>. As such, NFSS applies the default settings in the air, including changing the residence to cmr . Well, technically it can be found, but the corresponding t5cmr.Has fd is actually still loaded.

    Hence, T5 / cmr / m / n cannot make any sense when delic @ fontshape is executed and hence the new part at the end

       global  expandafter  expandafter  expandafter  let    expandafter  reserved @ a        csname  curr @ fontshape  endcsname 

    this matches a new request from T5 / fve / m / n (stored all over the place in reserved @a ) with a new final T5 / cmr / m / n just doesn't work because it has T5 / fve / m / n specified like relax , not

    error corrupted nfss tables

      T5 / fve / m / n = macro:-> <-5.5> vnr5 <5.5-6.5> vnr6 <6.5-7.5> vnr7 <7.5-8.5> vnr8 <8.5-9.5> vnr9 <9.5-11> vnr10 <11-15> vnr12 <15-> vnr17 

    Finally, the following selectfont tries again to make sure you find T5 / fve / m / n / 10 (instead of just making the selection that was found earlier) call delic @ fontshape again. This time, delic @ fontshape still notices that it was originally attempted with the same query, but concludes that the NFSS tables are malicious.

    So the second modification of Ulrike is correct: after the replacement, we should try to load the missing NFSS from the definitions of the external .fd file.

    error corrupted nfss tables

    The pose is not quite correct in this role, it only makes sense if my wife and I have changed families, since the NFSS definitions are written in the encoding / family, otherwise there is nothing "new" to load and define, or is remembered, or it doesn't exist.

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       def  false @ fontshape%     csname D @  f @ encoding  endcsname% cannot be set by math     edef  reserved @ a  csname  curr @ fontshape  endcsname%   ifx  last @ fontshape  reserveirovano @ a      errmessage NFSS tables corrupted%      error @ fontshape  another     let  f @ shape  default @ shape     expandafter  ifx  csname  curr @ fontshape  endcsname  relax        let  f @ series  default @ series         develop after           ifx  csname  curr @ fontshape  endcsname  relax            let  f @ family  default @ family            begingroup  try @ load @ fontshape  endgroup% <-------------- new         fi  fi   Fi      @ font @ warningFont Blackberry curve ` expandafter  string  sizes @ a '                      expandafter  @gobble  string  @undefined  MessageBreak                   instead use ` curr @ fontshape ' @ invalid @ font @ char%    global  let  last @ fontshape  reserve @ a      gdef  @ defaultsubs%       @ font @ warning Some fonts were not always available, default settings                      replaced.  @ gobbletwo%     global  expandafter  expandafter  expandafter  let        expandafter  reserved @ a            csname  curr @ fontshape  endcsname     xdef  font @ name%       csname  curr @ fontshape /  f @ size  endcsname%     pickup @ police 

    So: why is this exclusively a topic in the preamble? Since all standard settings for each channel are checked at the beginning, the document and any missing .fd files are filled. Everything in the document is remarkably well done, and, probably, that is why for 25 years it still hasI havenโ€™t met anyone.


    A clean upstream version of the above code has been added to the new LaTeX kernel code, so the address is usually available before the TeX Live 2015 distribution is definitely available.

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