What Is HP Officejet Pro Error 388 And How To Fix It?

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    Occasionally, your system may return an error message that displays the hp officejet pro 388 error. There can be multiple causes for this problem. A. According to the HP support website, 388 advertising error codes occur when there is too much noise in the queue right now for a valid connection between four fax machines. “HP offers the following as a long term solution:” Retry faxing when the phone line improves.

    I am using a BASIC TALK (Internet Phone) (VOIP) line. and often the error * 388 is just beginning …

    I thought of one thing after reading the error word “too strong line” (tried to reset all devices – it didn’t help)

    I slowed my faxes down to 9600 baud (it worked), then I tried 14400 baud (it worked), but not for the faster 33600 baud (it didn’t work)

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    So, I’m clearly on the internet for a private phone line, no matter the hustle and bustle, it’s free for long distance calls … I just slowed down my phone speed.

    To be able to “REDUCE” the line speed, I went to the ADVANCED FAX SETTINGS menu and selected the LINE SPEED.

    388 HP Printer Error Code

    Error 388Fax is the name of the error and provides hints about the error, including the reason for the error, which system or software attribute is stuck to cause the 388 device error, and some other information. The numeric coupon code in the title of the error is information that the item’s company and / or possibly the malfunctioning application can decipher.

    error 388 hp officejet pro

    The error associated with this code can appear in different parts of the system. Despite the fact that the title contains some peculiarities, it is difficult for the user to indicate the cause of the error and correct it without special technical knowledge or suitable application software. The 388 fax error code you encounter when sending indicates a line interruption or dial tone. The receiving machine created a good fax session and also found the sending fax, but was still unable to identify the T30 structures. If the instrument remains active in V.17 mode, it is highly likely that this connection was terminated earlier.

    Causes 388 HP Printer Errors

    • Commonthe reasons are inaccurate or urgent installation or removal of an application program, which may have made some entries in the entire registry of the Windows computer system invalid.
    • Consequences of a virus or malware invasion, improper system shutdown due to flexibility or other failure, an experienced technician with little technical knowledge due to accidentally deleting a critical system document, possibly a registry entry in a computer system, and many different all other reasons.
    • If you receive this error on your computer, it means that your program has crashed.
    • The immediate cause of fax 388 error is usually when part of the system is interrupted to perform basic operations correctly.

    Troubleshooting HP Printer Error 388

    1. From the building screen on the printer, go to the Controls section, tap Fax, swipe up and also tap Settings.
    2. Tap the Tools option.
    3. Select Check Fax.

    error 388 hp officejet pro

    The printer indicates that the test has started and the document is printing.

    4. In the meantime, the printer will print a fax test report.
    5. Examine the document.

    • If the document usually means that the printer passed the test and therefore you are still having problems sending faxes, review the fax configurations provided in the document to create the appropriate specific general settings. An empty or inaccurate fax configuration may cause the product to be faxed.
    • If the document says it means the printer has stopped testing, see the file for more information on how to fix the problem.

    1. Check again to set fax transmission at a different time if your phone’s limitations have improved in certain situations.
    2. When you receive your device, turn off the V. 34 and also try to transfer using the V. 17. setting.

    1. Make sure your fax machine is connected to the Crush phone jack; I am. H. without using file format or cable

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