How To Troubleshoot Quota Error 1453

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    The operating system reported error 1453 (Insufficient quota to complete a specific requested service). In SQL Server, when it was in read mode at offset 0x000000009d0000 next to file with descriptor 0x000005E4. This is usually a temporary condition and SQL Server repeats this process over and over.


     Msg 3203, Level 16, 1 Express Line 7 
    Continue reading "H: Backups MyBackupFile.bak" failed: 1453 (not enough quota to run the requested service).
    Msg 3013, level 16, state 1, line 7
    DATABASE RECOVERY completing normally abnormally. 1:

    Patch Removed Maxtransfersize Matches 4194302, Buffercount = 96RESTORING AMS DATABASE FROM DISK = 'D: DBBackups MyBackupFile.bak'WITH FILE Means 1, Statistics Are Replaced, = 5, Maxtransfersize - 4194302, Buffercount = 96, MOVE "MyDB" To "D: MSSQL MyDB Data MyDB.mdf"

    Solution 2:

    Limit our own settings for maximum server memory relative to server-side SQL so that alternative applications work as expected.

    12/27/2010 03: 03: 31.41 spid2s Warning: "Min. host pa Firmware 13312 MB could not be allocated.

    2010-12-27 03: 11: 54.71 spid52 The hard work system returned error 1453 (Insufficient quota to help you complete the requested service.) in SQL Server and the bei Reading 0000000000000000 value in the file has been reduced to 0x00000B28.

    This is usually temporary and SQL will repeat the operation over and over. If command persists Class = "kwrd"> then immediately action needs to be taken, to recommend it.

    December 27, 2010 03: 21: 16.56 Server TCP Server Lender stalled at dock [1433 Deadline] due to loss of money. Error: 0x2747, status: 2. The device is trying to restore hearing automatically.

    December 27, 2010 at 03:23:14 AM. Server 49 Server TCP has closed monitoring on port [1433] due to an error. Error: 0x2747, status: 2. By default, the server tries to restore listening.

    December 27, 2010 03: 25: 14.51 spid15s The server's TCP provider has resumed proper monitoring on port [1433].

    December 27, 2010 03:29: 14.78 The TCP server has stopped listening on the provider port [1433] due to an error. Error: 0x2747, state: 2. The server will immediately try to restore monitoring.

    Dec 27, 2010 03: 35: 24.51 spid15s The server TCP is again mostly listening on port [1433].

    December 27, 2010 03: 35: 49.21 spid2s SQL Server encountered one instance of I / O requests that took more than 15 seconds to move to [D: databases data templog.ldf]. in database [tempdb] (2) .OS

    The file descriptor is 0x0000065C. Offset of last long I / O could be: 0x00000000120000

    2010-12-27 03: 37: 04.26 Operation spid52 The system received error 1453 (Insufficient Quota to Execute Most Important Service Requested) on SQL Server as a result of a write operation at offset 0x00000000120000. returned to file with initial 0x0000065C.

    This is usually an intermediate state and the SQL server should be able to retry. If the current condition persists, treatment should be started immediately to correct it.

    SQL Server: Write "???" Failure: 1453 (Insufficientto Perform The Requested Service. This

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    Error: write "???" "Wasn't: 1453 (insufficient quota for the requested service.

    Workaround: Limit the SQL Server RAM to the maximum so other applications can use it correctly.

    error 1453 insufficient quota

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    Fel 1453 Otillracklig Kvot
    Fout 1453 Onvoldoende Quotum
    Oshibka 1453 Nedostatochnaya Kvota
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    오류 1453 할당량이 부족합니다
    Blad 1453 Niewystarczajacy Limit
    Fehler 1453 Unzureichendes Kontingent
    Errore 1453 Quota Insufficiente
    Error 1453 Cuota Insuficiente
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