How To Fix Error 027 516?

In this article, we will highlight some of the possible causes that can cause error 027 516, and then describe various ways to fix this problem.

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    1. Verify that network communication is currently available between the transfer destination SMB server and this machine by checking the following:

    a. Cable network.
    b. TCP / IP settings.
    c. For communication via interface 137 (UDP), port 138 (UDP) prt and 139 (TCP).

    2. Check the following network settings to make sure the computer is running as an SMB server.

    a. Make sure file sharing must be turned on on the Microsoft network.
    b. Make sure NetBIOS over TCP / IP is enabled in TCP / IP settings.
    c. Make sure the file sharing service (communication shows port 137 (UDP), port 138 (UDP) mov and 139 (TCP)) is allowed in the firewall settings.

    3. For out-of-subnet contacts, check the WINS server settings to see if the server name can be properly resolved.
    4. Make sure this NetBIOS-to-SMB machine is running the server.

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    As part of a comprehensive test to remove legacy protocols from the network, I disabled NetBIOS over TCP / IP to see if the solution would be affected. Deactivation

    According to the NetBIOS for the server used by our Fuji-Xeros ApeosPort-II 4000 copier, the network scan function was unable to send the scanned file to the SMB server. Instead, it will return an error code 027-516.

    To check for disease, I turned on NetBIOS and it immediately started working again.

    I contacted Fuji-Xerox to see if the issue is resolved. I was informed that this can only be replaced in newer versions, ApeosPort> = 3, this is also considered a new “feature”. The only way for the AP-II to manage devices with an Internet hosting server with NetBIOS disabled is to use the p FTP.

    After checking out one of our C3300s, apeosport-iii, I found a page that mentioned why not change the setting. Appears

    is that in most cases NetBIOS is hardcoded using APII, and although DNS settings are set, these companies are ignored when resolving server names. Given that copiers are still only manufactured and sold, I find the software interesting because it relies on conveniences such as protocols like NetBIOS. (ApeosPort-II 3000, 4000, 5010, 6000, 7000 are the main black and white copiers available for DET NSW schools)

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    027-516 Error Connecting To SMB Server In RAP

    Problem connecting to server during SBM scan.

    Make sure the target server and SMB machine are configured so that the wizards indicate that they can communicate.

    Reach out to multiple users on the web. For example, try this:

    Communicate on port 137 (UDP), port 138 (UDP), and port 139 (TCP)

    If you are communicating on a subnet, check your WINS server selection and

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    Make sure any server collation name problem can be properly resolved

    error 027 516

    Check one of the following network settings to see if the computer is acting as an SMB server.

    error 027 516

    Check if file sharing is enabled due to Microsoft Networking Service.

    Make sure NetBIOS over TCP / IP is enabled in TCP / IP settings.

    Check the file indicating the service (communication via port 137 (UDP), city 138

    (UDP) and port (TCP)) 139 have been allowed in the software settings.

    For communications outside of your current subnet, check the WINS server and

    Make sure the NetBIOS interface device is only on the SMB broadcast destination

    Open [Devices] in the panel] [check and find the device [NetBIOS Interface].

    Select Top], [Start [Auto] or [Manual]], [OK], then [Close].

    027-518 RAP Login / Password Failed

    The client could not be authenticated because the primary username or password is incorrect.

    The specified username was recently registered as an authorized user.Share

    Contact a multilevel administrator for a username and even a password. (MacOS X v10.2)

    Find Internet users who are allowed to use Windows Sharing. (MacOS X v10.2)

    Click on the main icon [click on the button to change] and in the log.

    Enter your password. Then check the box [Allow most important users to log out of Win-

    . to rescue

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    Error 027 516
    오류 027 516
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