How Can I Fix An Emacs Init File That Is Not Fully Loaded?

It looks like some of our readers have encountered an error code where the emacs init file is not fully loaded. There are a number of factors that can cause this problem. We’ll cover them below.

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    May 14, 2006


    10 saved

    EMACS – “Settings Could Not Be Saved; The Boot Directory Was Not Fully Loaded “

    Do you have any idea why I make this mistake when trying to save the selected color theme ???
    I also take care of the root account. If I have a newer version installed, I tried to specify the ratio in the .emacs file but ended up not getting it.

    When I try to activate the Do not show this wind strip again special field and save it in the standard Emacs boot buffer, I get a powerful error: custom-save -all: Unable to save settings, computer initialization file is not fully loaded


      00debian-vars ...No / etc / mailname. Restore defaults ...Download 00debian-vars ... completedDownload /etc/emacs/site-start.d/50dictionaries-common.el (source) ...Loading Debian Ispell ...Loading /var/cache/dictionaries-common/emacsen-ispell-default.el (source) ... completedDebian-ispell loading ... completedDownload /var/cache/dictionaries-common/emacsen-ispell-dicts.el (source) ... doneDownload/etc/emacs/site-start.d/50dictionaries-common.el (source) ... doneDownload /etc/emacs/site-start.d/50slime.el (source) ...Download /usr/share/emacs23/site-lisp/slime/slime-autoloads.elc ... readyDownload /etc/emacs/site-start.d/50slime.el (source) ... doneLoad / home / nathan / elisp / autoloads ... doneFor more information about GNU Emacs and the GNU system, type C-a c-h.(New file)custom-save-all: settings cannot be saved; initialization file for was not fully loaded 

    I’ll have to mess around with my .emacs document but to no avail. It all looks like this (I’m trying to make sure install.el is working correctly):

      (download "~ / elisp / autoloads" 'install)(add to the list 'load-path "~ / elisp")(need 'install.el) 

    If I make this code C - X - C - E , I will use the buffer in case of errors:

    emacs init file not fully loaded

      Debugger introduced - Lisp error: (Error "Required function` install.Was el 'definitely not provided ")  required (install  .el)  eval ((required (quote install  .el)))  eval-last-sexe-1 (none)  eval-last-sex (no)  Interactive call (eval-last-sex zero) 

    The provided directory is

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    ~ / elisp nil, and there are my written docs * .el. So I’m an option for what is wrong, given that I have the correct names and syntax.

    emacs init file not fully loaded

    Any help would probably be great. Thank you Mr. Emacs hacker!

      (installation required) 

    We are sorry for the problem. You have a bug in your bookmark.

      (defun bookmark-exit-hook-internal (); passes `kill-emacs-hook '.  “Save discovered bookmarks and optionally save the state of the bookmark menu list.Run "bookmark-exit-hook" and then save bookmarks when this company is updated.Then save the state of the menu list where the `bmkp-bmenu-state-file 'should be stored, but only ifthis permission is not null. "  (Run-Hooks Exit Hook Tab)  (when (bookmark time to save-p t)    (Condition-Fall-Err; DO NOT grow out of error. Uh (should be inclined to fall outside).)        (Save bookmark)      (Error (if (fboundp 'display-warning)                 (Show Bookmark-Plus warning (error message line error))               (Message (error message string err))               (4 seats))             Zero)))  Yes (bmkp-save-menu-list-state)) 

    Today I updated the source code information file bookmark + -1.el with this definition. This should fix the problem — that is, it should tell you about errors in the information, but you can quit Emacs.

    If the following change does not solve the problem, please contact me, including by email, and I will fix it.

    The problem was that the Bookmark + bookmark-save version saved the changed value of the bmkp-last-as-first-bookmark-file parameter in its clean User file ( or init file) writes this and it was not possible because your wonderful init file was not loaded successfully for some reason.

    We apologize for your risk. Before you do all of the above to quit Emacs, back up your social bookmarks file just in case.

    Compared to the above, you seem to have a big problem with the content of the initialization ( ~ / .emacs ). @lawlist mentions how to attack this in a comment: split and continue the conquest, that is, recursively halve your precious init file to isolate the location Problem enclosure.

    And the next time you see “Bookmarks” or bmkp- (bookmark prefix) in a subsequent message or error message, please report your problem to me as soon as it becomes available. 😉

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