Remove Duplicates In Outlook Contacts? Repair Immediately

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    Over the past few days, a number of users have informed us that they are finding duplicate Outlook contacts that need to be removed. Click People.On the ribbon, in the Current View group, snap to the lower-right corner of the display area and click Phone.In the contact list, press the Ctrl key and click each contact you want to delete.When you have selected all the duplicates, press Delete or Ctrl + D.

    For many organizations and users, MS Outlook is the main potential mail client for communicating with their clients and other partners. In terms of confidence and performance, Outlook does not offer any replacements or workarounds. This is a highly professional and business-oriented email marketer for all your email, calendar, contact management, and more needs.

    Sometimes users may face the problem of overwriting duplicate items in Outlook. Duplicate contacts cause problems with the computer’s memory and decrease performance. It overloads Outlook and may crash while using it.

    Unfortunately, there is no way to undo the immediate deletion of duplicates. To allow and remove contacts, you need to do it again in Outlook. First, we must understand the causes of the problem, which can be avoided in the future.

    Reasons For Double Contacts In Perspective For 2016

    Is there a way to merge duplicate contacts in Outlook?

    Create a new contacts folder.Move all Outlook contacts to the newly created folder.Export contacts, if any.Import contacts frequently from a CSV file to your default contacts folder.Merge deduplicated contacts using original contacts.

    Listed are the most common reasons for creating duplicate contacts in Outlook 2016 so you can understand the scenarios and do not repeat them.

    • Message moved to contacts directory: When email messages are dropped into the contacts folder, a new key is automatically generated in Outlook. Is this the main reason for duplicate contacts?
    • Same person with email, not accounts. Another reason for direct double contact is that the user uses different subscriber accounts with the same mention. Therefore, we are trying to create a new contact for the same person.
    • Sync Contacts: To easily find people and sync everything, sync Outlook related contacts with your laptop or mobile phone, and sometimes with unlimited platforms like Facebook like Messenger, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. ., which ultimately leads to copying contacts.
    • Multiple Address Books in Exchange: This is a scenario where many organizations maintain multiple address books, books on their Exchange server.

    Effective Methods For Removing Duplicate Contacts In Outlook 2016

    How do I clean up my contacts in Outlook?

    In, select. in the confidence of the party.In the left pane, select All Contacts.In the middle pane, select the contact you added the contacts to, and then select Remove.Select Delete to confirm.

    The methods described here are noteWe are referring to Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007 and Outlook from a 365 perspective

    Office method 1: delete contacts one at a time (if there are many fewer)

    You can easily delete contacts one by one manually and with fewer.

    STEP at least one: start Outlook, look at the plantar view on the left side of the Outlook window, find the highlighted People icon and click on it.

    STEP 2. Look at the Current View group on the first horizontal ribbon in Outlook and click Phone.

    Note. You can simply look at this method to analyze conventions and find duplicates.

    delete duplicate in outlook contacts

    STEP 3: Now enter CTRL, sequentially click on the contacts of the version and click “Delete”.

    Method 2: export and import duplicate contacts (if large, using numbers)

    Why did outlook duplicate my contacts?

    There are many factors that raise doubts about duplication, including syncing with phones, restoring Exchange public folders from backups, incorrect Outlook rules, and many more. Preventing them in the long term is the first step to eliminating them.

    You cannot delete thousands of replicated contacts one by one, as it takes a lot of time and effort. Therefore, it is best to use the features brochure to export all your contacts to a new file, which eliminates duplicates when exporting. And after export, you can importupdate this new one in Outlook

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    STEP 1. Start Outlook and click “Contacts” in the lower left corner of the Outlook window.

    STEP 2. You will see your contacts in the My Contacts section; Right click but also select New Folder.

    STEP 3: Enter a handle to the new folder, remember “Remove duplicate contact”.

    delete duplicate in outlook contacts

    STEP 4. Go to your original contacts folder and just click to expand your contact list, select all contacts with CTRL + A and drag the contacts to the Remove Duplicate Contacts folder.

    Note. If you drag foreign trade contacts to a new folder, the main contacts folder often becomes empty. 5:

    Now go to File >> Open & Export >> Import / Export

    STEP 6. In the “Select Action” section, select “Export to File” from our list and click “Next”.

    STEP Above: In the Create File Type section, select the comma separated values, then just click Next.

    STEP. Select 8: Delete the duplicate contacts folder and click Next.

    STEP Stay: at the end, click “View All” to select awhere you want to save the file frequently, click Next and then Finish.

    STEP 1. In Outlook, click File >> Open & Export >> Import / Export.
    STEP not one, but two: Now select “Import from another schema or file from the list” and select “Comma Separated”.
    STEP 3: Click Browse and select the location where you saved the exported file. Also select from the Do Not Repeat Items options and click Next.
    STEP d: Finally, select the default contact directory as the import destination and click Finish. Method

    Automatic Removal Of Duplicate Contacts In Outlook

    If you are looking for a quick way to completely remove duplicate contacts in Outlook, the public can just use a natural professional third-party tool, that is, the tool does a great job of removing duplicate items like Outlook data files that contain emails, contacts, calendar, etc. It has an incredibly interactive and easy-to-use graphical user interface.

    Final Cfishing

    There are many ways to delete duplicate contacts in Outlook. However, we have mentioned methods that have worked well with 100% accuracy and increased safety. Hence, if you have a problem with duplicate contacts or duplicate Outlook data items, you should take a look at the above methods.

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