How To Determine The Boot Order Of The Debian Kernel

Sometimes your system may display an error code indicating the boot order of the Debian kernel. This problem can be caused by a number of reasons.

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    This layman’s guide explains how to change the order of Debian grub boots from inline management In several simple ways. The steps in this article are useful for other Debian-based Linux distributions, including Ubuntu.

    How do I change the boot order in Linux?

    Step 3: Open a terminal window (CTRL + ALT + T). Step 2: Find the Windows entry number in the bootloader. In the screenshot below, you can see that “Windows 7” is sort of the fifth entry, but since the inputs are set to 0, the actual input range is 4. Change GRUB_DEFAULT from 0 to 4, then save the appropriate file.

    GRUB is a sneaker bootloader that allows users to boot multiple operating systems and system kernels. After reading this guide, you will learn how to bypass another operating system or kernel to boot and tweak some of the trunk parameters.

    In the image below, you can easily see the Grub menu with several Debian items: GNU / Linux, Advanced options for getting Debian GNU / Linux and Windows 10. Since counting starts at zero, usually the first item (Debian) is 0, as you can see , the second item (Advanced options) is step 1, and the third item (Windows) is definitely the second by default,

    from entry 0 Grub boot. To change the order of the sneakers, you usually need to set the number of items you ultimately want to run by default in the Grub config file / etc / default / grub.

    Change The Order Of Boots And Boots

    How do I choose which kernel to boot?

    Make a note of the sequence number, perhaps the title of the recording you want to start. Grub contains commands for defining a new standard kernel from the command line. You can refer to the sequence number or the exact title of the entry to determine the download option. You can also choose a temporary launch option that only applies to the next launch.

    To change the boot order, set the priority to another importantth configuration of the OS kernel. Update the / etc / default / grub file using any text message editor. You can change it with nano as shown in the example below. Remember, you need superuser rights to modify any Grub configuration file.

    Modify the line by replacing 5 with the number of the element you want to start by default. In a good case, I want to change the default autoload to Windows. So, I put the third point (because b starts counting from 0).

    If users are editing the file on iPod nano, finish saving the change by moving CTRL + X and Y.

    Additional Options That You Can Control Are Located In / Etc / Default / Grub

    You can change additional parameters defined in the build file / etc / default / grub.
    As you can see in the following figure, below the GRUB_DEFAULT = 0 line is the GRUB_TIMEOUT = 5 line. The line specifies how long Grub will wait for it to start automatically. Replace the actual 5 with the number of times Grub will wait. For example, to make Grub wait ten seconds before running GRUB_DEFAULT = 0, replace this line immediately after the line. and.

    The line GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT = “quiet” is used to enable kernel boot parameters. In the above monitor entry, the option is “quiet” which means the boot process is always displayed in text mode as shown in the following screenshot.

    The silent option can add additional transparency to the launch agent and allow the user to see the process and / or successful failure.

    Another option that anyone can pass on the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT = line is the splash option. If someone replaces “quiet” with “burst” as shown in the line below, startup operations will not be displayed in SMS mode; instead, the logo will be displayed as shown in the following image.

    While some people think my option is the best format (you can definitely customize it), this option does not give users a direct view of the download process.

    The line GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT = is most likely also used to start the application in text mode. To load in the found mode, with text instead of soft or possibly , with a splash screen, you need to use the specific parameter text as shown in the following screenshot.

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    Disable the display of the employer system with. In my case my manager is LightDM. Replace lightdm with your current display and run the following command.

    Added the ability to insert firewood in text mode. When your family is ready to start graphic design lessons, do the following:

    , where needs to be replaced with – the name of your display manager (eg gdm3).


    Families can find that Grub is very easy to use, and you can control how any Linux user can learn your system tournaments in just a few steps. The most common recklessness when doing business with it is remembering not to get update-grub every time a file changes. Remember to count from scratch when choosing your starting requirements; If you enter an incorrect mobile phone number, your system will not start up properly.

    debian kernel boot order

    The quiet parameter in the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT line = may be lubetter than splash if it allows the user to transparently identify the boot process.

    The last element of this tutorial shows how you can help boot from the terminal, or how the console can be useful if your local graphical climate does not prevent you from booting the system. There are also corresponding security holes in the graphics process; For this reason, some users prefer to run their systems in phrasing mode. This will be the most efficient configuration for servers or devices that are typically needed to save or optimize space. After logging in in text mode, customers can start X manually using the startx or systemctl commands.

    debian kernel boot order

    Hope this article series was helpful. Follow Linux for more Linux tips combined with tutorials.

    David Adams

    David Adams is a systems administrator and writer specializing in open source security technologies, software, and therefore computer systems.

    How do I change the default Linux boot kernel?

    Open / etc / default / grub with a phrase editor and set GRUB_DEFAULT to the numeric input for which you chose the default kernel. In this example, I am choosing kernel 3.10. 0-327 as the core of crime. Finally, rebuild your GRUB configuration.

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