Bios Sata Repair Tip In Ide

You may have come across an error message that says bios sata in ide. There are several ways to solve this problem, and that’s what we’ll talk about now.

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    Turn on the system.Press the F2 key on the Sun logo LCD to enter the BIOS setup menu.In the BIOS Utility dialog box, select Advanced -> IDE Configuration.From the IDE configuration menu, select Configure SATA and press Enter.

    Hard drives are connected to the motherboard using the Advanced Technology Attachment serial interface or the built-in electronic drive control unit. SATA drives are newer than IDE drives, so older operating systems like Windows XP won’t understand the technology without additional drivers. However, you can use Basic I / O — your computer is prepared for your setup — to change the way SATA devices emulate the hard drive. If you need to use an older approach to access older hardware or software systems for your business, switch SATA mode to To allow the operating system to currently recognize the fixed drive.

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    Restart or turn on the computer and find a project, for example [X] “click to enter setup” or [X] “click related to BIOS”.

    Follow the instructions provided to open screen and start setting. Press “Ctrl-Alt-Del” to restart, if the computer boots Windows prematurely, you can enter BIOS.

    Use the arrow keys to select a trusted option such as Advanced, Integrated Peripherals, or Primary. Hit Enter.

    Select “

    Memory configuration, reader configuration, IDE configuration, or possibly a similar option if available. Press Enter. “

    bios sata en ide

    Check the configuration for attachments such as “Configure SATA As”, “Mode”, “sata”, “SATA Configuration” or “Onboard SATA”.

    Should I use IDE or AHCI mode?

    In general, IDE mode provides better compatibility with older devices. However, in IDE mode, the hard drive may be slow More. If you are installing multiple hard drives and want to take advantage of these advanced SATA features, AHCI mode is definitely the best choice.

    Press Enter. Select “IDE”, “Compatible” or just “ATA” from the menu and close “Enter” again. If pressing Enter fails to open the menu, press + or – to change the parameter settings.

    Press “Esc” to return to the main menu, or select the “Exit” tab. Select most options to exit BIOS and save changes.

    Press Enter to start the system computer and SATA drive as an IDE device.

    bios sata en ide

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    • BIOS setup depends on system configuration. If necessary, read the documentation that came with your computer or motherboard for help.
    • Configure SATA mode before installing the schema.
    • Setting the wrong material values ​​in the BIOS can eventually cause your system to malfunction.

    Which SATA mode should I use?

    Yes, for SATA drives, you should install AHCI afterwards if you are not using XP.

    Advanced Serial Technology (SATA) hard drives can be set to either the Enumerated Electronics (IDE) mode or the Advanced Multiple Controller Interface (AHCI) mode. The IDE function allows you to directly control the SATA hard drive just like an IDE hard drive, while the AHCI mode is improvedProvides read / write performance and is hot-swappable (peripheral swappable). SATA without shutting down the PC). On the other hand, AHCI mode is incompatible with older operating processes such as IDE mode.

    What is difference between IDE and AHCI mode?

    The main difference between AHCI and IDE is that AHCI is a newer interface for transferring data anywhere between system storage and SATA hard drive, while IDE is a more complex interface that is used to transfer data between computer and transferred storage.

    You can change the configuration of the SATA hard drive in the BIOS (Common Input / Output System) settings of your computer.


    Reboot 1

    or turn on your personal computer. Press the correct key combination to enter BIOS. Most computers use the F2, Secrets, and Del or Esc methods, but the combination varies from motherboard to motherboard. Some computers display a boot message indicating the key you must press to enter BIOS setup.



    Use The Prompts To Select The Main Or Built-in Devices Menu. Press “Enter” To Open The Menu.

    Step 3


    navigate to the SATA Mode option. Press Enter to open the selector. Use keyboard direction to indicate “IDE” or “AHCI”. Press “Enter” to confirm your choice.

    Shar 4

    What is IDE configuration in BIOS?

    IDE – This setting makes SATA behave like PATA (IDE) hard drives that were previously common on Windows systems. If this option can be used, the SATA drive will not be able to support advanced features such as proprietary queuing and hot plugging, and SATA 3Gb / s and 6Gb / s drives will only operate at 1.5Gb / s. With.

    Press “F10” to save changes and exit BIOS.

    Ruri Ranbe has been a writer since 2008. She holds an AA in Literary English from Valencia College and a BS in Computer Science from the University of Central Florida. Ranbe also has over six years of professional experience in information technology, specializing in computer or laptop architecture, operating systems, networking, website administration, virtualization, and web design.

    • BIOS. Some utilities require users to open the SATA setup menu or simply IDE setup before frequently selecting SATA mode.
    • Some BIOS versions specify Native As IDE mode. The BIOS utility
    • differs depending on the make and model connected to the computer or motherboard. Please consult the specific product manually if necessary.

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