Troubleshooting Trunk Views For Memory Leaks

Sometimes your system may display an error indicating an internal memory leak. There can be several reasons for this problem.

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    In your example, families do not put the el views directly into the DOM, so often nothing at the time was relevant to the view. They need to be collected by the garbage collector. Good

    To ensure that the view is no longer associated with anything, it is important to call .remove () on it. This will almost certainly remove:

    • el views from the DOM,
    • jQuery DOM events
    • spinal cord event listener.

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      // remove this written representation by removing the element from the specific DOM, removing that too// An applicable Backbone.Events listener.delete: function ()    this._removeElement ();    this.stopListening ();    give it back;,// Removes the item's representations from the document and all event listeners// related to the situation. Available for DOM subclasses// API for alternative manipulations._removeElement: function ()    $ el.remove ();, 

    As mentioned that mu is written too shortly in the overview (and to me in almost all other answers), you should always listenTo versus on or <. prefer code> bind to free memory and leaks make it easier to resolve events.

    backbone views memory leak

    If you are rendering nested child views into an ideal parent view, it is probably a good idea to keep the storage array of each child view so that you can later use .remove () each time you activate them.

      var ListView = Backbone.View.extend (    initialize: function ()        // Make each array type available to everyone while keeping our own child views        this.childViews means [];    ,    addOne: function (model)        var lookup = new Backbone.View (model: edition);        // If you create new views, keep a reference to the array.        this.childViews.push (view);        this: $ el.append (view.render (). el);    ,    renderList: function ()        // completely remove content from the view using the model        this. $ el.html (this.templates ());        // need to be removed ();        // Render views at that time Child this.collection.each (this.addOne, this);        give it back;    ,    Cleanup: function ()        // quick idea to call remove for all experiments in the array        _.invoke (this.childViews, "remove");        // clear the array        this.childViews = [];    ,); 

    However, if othersitems will be careful, it will not be received and may leak. It is important to monitor our links and remove all of them if you no longer need them.

    backbone views memory leak

    I’ve spent some time trying it out the last few times. The memory leak may be due to visual search rather than successful uninstallation of the Alexa plugin, and this was most important to me regarding disabled internal nodes when sorting using saved memory.

    All in all, your comment seemed to further ruin the fact that there are smaller clusters of DOM nodes that show up when creating views. They come from multiple sources and are not really knowledge leaks. From time to time, you might show that the elements of another variable are stored in jQuery’s checkContext. This has always been a reference that jQuery keeps in the global scope, and it would be desirable to remove what will work fine next time.

    Regarding the arrow _.bindAll / coffeescript-fat, both add many more link types for the “bound_this” case, which will take some time to remove in However, it is clear that these elements are gradually deteriorating. After gced has run the collector a few more times, unfortunately there is no way to run a full scan of all objects in memory. An article on the same topic as the backbone repository can be found here: jashkenas / backbone # 2269 (comment)

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