The Easy Way To Fix Zip Problems In Friends Bios

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    If you’ve noticed ff in your friends bios, this guide will help. FF appears to be the last benchmark to get it done through the BIOS, which means no errors or complete functionality. The user repaired their heatsink by loosening it slightly, possibly due to a CPU socket issue.

    What does FF mean on my motherboard?

    FF can often be a “detected error”, which means that the card is being read, shorted, or burned out. The FF is often compromised by the failure of a board or other component. With all these fixes, I have a really good entry showing that this is not a motherboard at this time.

    About me:
    Hello everyone, I would like to spend years troubleshooting / repairing computers to your satisfaction (and consideration). As I mentioned in my Swedish Fish Theory thread, I am a former agent of a squad of computer geeks. I was that person behind the scenes fixing all the computers whose faces you couldn’t guess, unless you had a really tricky question that might confuse you about the people ahead (who I was coaching everything). I worked up to 25 computers at a time (I connected your current workspace myself) and we scanned about 8-20 computers on a typical day – they finished in 1.4 days on average, so I only worked full time (we have More 1 technicalspecialist I also trained) … of course I fixed several computers in the organization over the course of 4 years. It was a good functional job to finish my studies and I learned / found / came up with VERY helpful tips that I have never seen published for identifying “dead” desktops.

    How do I fix error code FF?

    If the program code “ER FF” is displayed, you must unplug the appliance for 4 hours (or turn off the circuit breaker) so that frost or ice can successfully melt the freezer. After 4 hours, turn on the device again and and close the circuit breaker.

    A few notes:
    – This works for finding AMD and Intel motherboards, but I posted it here because my computers are pretty much Intel and I can only put it in one place, but the troubleshooting is global.
    – Yes, there were times when the motherboard smelled like burned out, but now it was a bad processor and my motherboard was working.
    – I saw how DVD players put the computer from the post office.
    “I’ve seen a complex and reliable PS / 2 keyboard fail to free up a computing device.
    – However, on motherboards, the PG signal is used quite often. The tester’s power supply doesn’t fail all the time, but if it fails once in every 20 tries, it’s almost certainly a bad power supply.
    – Tensions on thosethe stereo PSU I plugged in won’t be perfect anymore, but they’re pretty close. When this happens with a PSU tester, the PSU is usually “good enough” to pass the motherboard through POST (voltages can’t be more volatile than under load), but when it fails, the program is definitely bad. I once missed high performance and lost a good reliable motherboard due to this PSU dying after 2 days.
    – Booting the motherboard with a fully charged BIOS battery will not damage this item, but will erase all BIOS settings and in very rare cases it can be reset by working with the supplied card (see maybe only 20 years old). This is important if you are using a new processor. Prepare a copy of the appropriate BIOS as clients may need to flash the BIOS.

    Post errors, the code is normal by manual (incomplete list):
    –Gigabyte P45, P55, P67, x58 – The last POST step may show you that a download is being attempted (thanks to kiwiasian)

    How do I fix FF on my motherboard?

    Try to clear the CMOS associated with the motherboard by removing the CMOS battery from the motherboard for an incredible amount of time. You can still erase CMOS by moving the erase CMOS jumper from linked pins to and 3 to pins 1 and / or 2 for about 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, replace the clear CMOS jumper on pins 2 and 3.

    Indoor storage is a problem, confirmedKnown by all guides (non-exhaustive list):
    –MSI x58 is the processor and performance to consider when launching (a crash here means the game cannot pass this test)
    –ASUS x58, P67, Z68 – Reserved error (shortly after contacting technical support)
    –ASRock x58, P67, Z68 – Reserved problem (same BIOS as ASUS, subject to the same error)
    –EVGA all chipsets – not listed in their documentation (I’ve heard EVGA technicians refer to this as a “discovered bug” or a summary)
    –Gigabyte x79 – Reserved error

    Tools (very low list):
    – Power tester – I use this process. It is reliable, provides an open circuit voltage on each bus, and also checks for a “Power Good” signal with the power supply. If you don’t have a power tester, you’ll need a spare power supply that you know will work. One of these two is REQUIRED to fix / test “no POST” or FF situations
    – A small flathead screwdriver (for removing the battery from the BIOS) or something similar – I usually use my pocket knife.

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    Despite the fact that your computerp beeps or many other error codes, review them and correct accordingly. The following post is for FF error code or when the computer doesn’t POST at all.

    What does code FF mean?

    The FF error code indicates that the appliance has detected a shipment with a freezer fan. It is sometimes caused by swelling due to freezing. How to defrost a wine cellar by hand. Unplug the appliance and remove food and ice cubes from the ice cube tray.

    Horrible “FF” POST or no POST for anything (this fix is ​​best done outside of the case to ensure that circumstances don’t shut down the If motherboard):
    1) Find out what you need, what burnt electronics smells like, and then sniff the motherboard. I am not kidding. Specifically around VREG (left / above the socket), Southbridge (below this socket) and Chipset Zone (PCI slots on the right). If you smell stripped electronics, just remember when you hit step (7b) below, on the basis that it means 99.9% of the motherboard.
    2) Check the power supply with a tester, if it does not necessarily beep / blink completely, then everything is fine (if you are using the one I connected). Disconnect and then reconnect the specific 24-pin connector several times. Watch “PG” and see how it continues to display 0ms for 999ms as uhThis means it is a low power supply (since it is discharged, the software does not disturb the power tester every time, even if it stops working. Motherboard every time). If people do not have a power supply tester, replace it with a verified power supply.
    3) If this power supply is confirmed to be good, it ONLY powers each of our motherboards (20+ 4pin and 4 / 8pin CPU power levels, but NOT the 4pin Molex vendor if applicable). Unplug ALL other power drives (hard drives, DVDs, etc.).
    4) Remove all RAM. Remove all GPUs. Remove all other PCI / PCI-e cards. Disconnect all SATA cables (including IDE, FDD, SAS, USB, Firewire, HD Audio and all buttons except the power button) from the motherboard. Now you only had to plug in your company’s MoBo, HSF, processor, power, and your company’s new power switch. Separate the front and back of your computer from everything, including your mouse and keyboard.
    4a) If your personal computer does NOTHING when you press some power button, insert the reset flap into the pinsthe motherboard power switch and use the adjust button in case the power supply fails – yes it will come, no it won’t be a stopping point. Delete
    5) And remove the bios battery until they say who can put it back.
    6) Computer power supply. If the beeps indicate a POST code other than FF, go to (7a), if not, check (7b)

    ami bios post code ff

    7a) If it beeps or transmits a POST code other than FF, turn it off again. Leave the BIOS battery empty. Usually now you add 1 item connected to the hardware, turn it on, check if it issues POST (and any other errors except FF), and if so then turn it off again and bring the next component. Start with RAM, one stick after another with one GPU after another, in other expansion cards, finally hard drives / DVDs – a reboot between everyone and the person.
    8a) If the actual FF code starts to output or POST more or less completely stops, the last added component is bad.
    9a) If it has not generated an FF error code or if it is still It is in POST mode with all your real hardware, plug it back in, turn on the BIOS battery and put it in for a while. Now if there is a specific FF code, replace the BIOS battery.
    10a) If everything works again, your motherboard is physically alive to fight the next day.

    ami bios post code ff

    7b) If so, POST requests are still in FF state, or far from removing the processor in that state, make sure the pin is not damaged, reinsert the processor during HSF and try again. If it still shows FF, then you have a bad motherboard (about 95% of the time, or 100% information if you smelled burned out electronics in step 1) or insufficient (about 5% chance of a processor).8b) Buy a working motherboard if you and your family have one to test the processor, or bring a real replacement to test the motherboard. Whatever broken part is currently involved, replace it and put it back.

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