Solving The Problem With Runtime Script Error 1607

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    This guide is designed to help you when you receive runtime script error 1607. Error 1607: Installshield cannot be installed, a script is run during installation. This error usually points to InstallShield or corrupted registry keys. Rename someone else’s Installshield folder (C:Program Files (X86)Common FilesInstallshield) and try a fresh install.


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    How do I fix InstallShield?

    In Windows Explorer or on my computer, open our following folder: DRIVEProgramsCommon FilesnRight-click the Installshield folder, then deselect the Rename command.Type InstallShield1 and press ENTER.Try installing the game.

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    How do I install InstallShield wizard?

    Log in to Windows® with a user ID that has administrator rights.Close all running applications.Insert the IBM® Tivoli® OMEGAMON XE for Messaging Support CD into the CD-ROM drive.On the welcome window, click Next.

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    DirectX 9 X Free Download Overview

    direct hardly needs anyAny idea for PC gamers, this is now a set of drivers that improve sound and picture quality. It is specially designed for many Windows operating systems and Windows 8.

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    Direct X 11 Offline Installer Key Features

    How do I fix InstallShield scripting runtime?

    FromClose File Explorer and navigate to the root cause directory.Click “Programs” and specifically “Shared Files”.Right-click the InstallShield folder and select Rename. Right-click InstallShield and select Rename as well.Name the folder “InstallShield2” and save the changes.Check if the whole problem is still there.

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    1607 scripting runtime error

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    1607 scripting runtime error

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    DirectX 11 Overview

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    Suggestion: If you encounter dx11 installed, it is extremely important to download DirectX 11.2 as an update to Microsoft DirectX 11 technology.

    DirectX Font Family: will be an API (Application Program Interface) designed for the best experience with high-definition game titles and multimedia content on a Windows PC. Thus, in cases where you are trying to play popular and high-definition games for PC, an error is displayed and you may need to install the latest DirectX 11 application for 64-bit or 35-bit Windows 7 on your Windows PC.

    Info: DirectX 12 is currently only available in the Windows 10 market. You can try Windows 10 for the best PC gaming experience.

    Do I need InstallShield?

    InstallShield is a utility that automatically checks for software updates and applies those updates without user intervention. InstallShield runs as a background course on your computer and simply runs on startup. The utility is available and you can disable it from autorun if needed.

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