Best Way To Fix Syntax Error 1093 Flash

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    In this guide, we describe some of the possible causes that can cause Syntax Error 1093 to flash, and then we suggest some possible fixes that you can try to solve the problem.

    I’m new to AC3 so I could be wrong… but I successfully followed the steps in this Adobe AC3 tutorial:

    .. very accurate and I get syntax error 1093 to get the following code. Does anyone know the underlying problem… and the solution?

    The course highlighted in red indicates the principle of the error. (This is a tutorial on how to create a motion tween using the snippet for.)

    import fl.transitions.*;
    import fl.transitions.easing.This *;

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    * The interpolation pattern shows the best fading effect< br>* by default. Change sentence 19, to, from and duration
    * rewards to change the animation. You can use can code
    * in Event Drejer Sig functions to react to animation
    * of sporting events.

    Function onTweenProgress(event:TweenEvent): void< br> < br> // do something while the animation is moving…

    function onTweenEnd(event:TweenEvent):void

    // can do something while the ends are inserted.. .< br>
    var prop:String is equal to “alpha”;
    var from:Number is 0;
    var to:Number = 1;
    var means Duration:Number 1;
    var tween:Tween = new Tween(rect_mc, leader, Strong.easeOut, from, to, duration, true);
    tween.addEventListener(TweenEvent.MOTION_CHANGE, onTweenProgress );
    tween.addEventListener(TweenEvent.MOTION_FINISH, onTweenEnd);

    * In this interpolation example, fade in effect
    * is enabled by default. Change the specific prop, to, from and total
    * values ​​to change the animation. You can add can-code
    * to your function manager functions to react to animation
    * of timing events.

    Function onTweenProgress(event:TweenEvent):void

    // Perform a specific action while the animation is moving…

    Function onTweenEnd(event:TweenEvent): void < br> < br> // do something regularly between certain endings…

    var prop:String = “alpha”;
    var of:Number is 0;
    var to:Number = 1;
    var is equal to duration:Number 1;
    var tween:Tween = new Tween(rect_mc, alpha, Strong.easeOut, from, to, duration, true);
    tween.addEventListener(TweenEvent. MOTION_CHANGE , onTweenProgress );
    tween.addEventListener(TweenEvent.MOTION_FINISH, onTweenEnd);

    I don’t like Flash. I’m definitely an Adobe subscriber because I installed animated Adobe.

    I grew up with project a, which had the best Flash SWF file. I have this special source thank God. The difficulty when I open it says there are a lot of bugs after updating to Actionscript 3.0. I have a specific error in the screenshot.

    I don’t know what should To be if I have to change. I’ve fixed some bugs that were causing coding issues but can’t find anything about it.

    I’m quite new to Flash. I subscribe to Adobe to set up Animate Adobe.

    I got a project that contains a Flash SWF file. I have a source, thank God. The problem is, when I open the device, there are many errors after updating to ActionScript 3.0. I have screenshot errors.

    I don’t really understand what they want from me, what will change. I’ve changed some of the bugs that were causing coding issues, more like the ones I can’t find anything about.

    These problems can be caused by a corresponding number of reasons. For some I’ve come across, I certainly haven’t found the reason for this, but instead just rewrote all the code it reports. A reproducible cause should be copying code from the web in addition to pasting into Flash. Especially with code quotes.

    Solution 1.
    Look for unusual characters and replace them to remove them. In most cases, you will have toprint quotation marks with an error. If this does not help, repeat the entire line created from scratch.

    Again I got this error and after fully commenting out the line I still bought this error. I cleared and re-entered the code type again and it was successful. The code network is commented below. Do not worry. Just delete and re-enter. I believe the experts are saying that this error has something to do with the IDE’s copy and paste functionality.

    Code 1 is incorrect/correct: (this code actually worked when re-entered)
    /*//stage.removeEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, moveCar);*/
    Workaround 2:
    Remove the quotes from the code copied from my site and replace them with generic quotes.

    Correct code 2:
    this.thePlayer.videoSource = “main_video.flv”;
    Invalid code 2:
    This is .thePlayer.videoSource=”main_video.flv”;
    Workaround 3:
    Remove the value part # (hash sign) in front of the color picker.

    Bad 3:
    code Graphics.lineStyle(1, #FFFFFF);
    Correct code 3:
    Thanks to linestyle(1) Grilldcheese for the many comments. and to Fix3 above.

    Correction 4.
    In ActionScript 3, instead of #include, use import use.

    1093 syntax error flash

    There is a special chance that the text file contains a byte read mark. In this case, see “Create a new one”, save the file and save it as UTF-8, or better yet, create a new file with a programming editor like Eclipse. You can then copy and paste your code. This can’t work because you might accidentally copy to byte marker storage. In this case, copy and paste it into a single line of text or into a text editor, then copy the code from that text location and paste it into the new alias source file. If that doesn’t work again, use the API breakpoint on my site. Will he find any unusual signs.

    1093 syntax error flash

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